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What are Acne Treatments?

As one of the most common and frustrating skin conditions, Acne can make an appearance at various ages in both men and women and can often leave acne scarring, discolouration, and uneven skin texture. We can offer a wide range of bespoke acne and acne scarring treatments to assist with targeting the issue at a deeper level, helping target this potentially disheartening condition.

At EF MEDISPA, our best acne treatments in the UK include:

  • Bespoke facials
  • Acne peels
  • Laser treatments for acne
  • LED therapy
  • Dermapen acne treatments
What are Acne Treatments?

Tailored Acne Treatments - Just for you

These bespoke acne treatments are all specifically designed to improve the appearance of acne and acne scarring to improve skin confidence.

Tailored Acne Treatments - Just for you

Our Acne Treatments

We can provide a wide selection of options for providing acne and acne scar treatment. Our medical team will advise our patients on the most effective, best acne treatment plan for their individual needs, skin type and condition.

The acne treatments in the UK that we provide are:

  • A handheld device known as the Dermapen uses disposable microscopic needles that are run across the face creating small punctures.
  • This acne scar treatment can repair scarred, damaged skin and poor texture.
  • The skin is encouraged to produce collagen and repair the damaged tissue.
  • Dermapen results can be exceptional as the depth of the needles can be adjusted, allowing for deeper layers of damaged skin to be repaired.
Skin Peels
  • An advanced skin peel can assist you with acne or acne scarring.
  • We have a wide range of personalised skin peels that can effectively target various stages of acne to help calm breakouts, as well as acting as one of the best acne scar treatments.
  • This is one of the best acne skin treatments for your skin and can reduce the appearance of acne scarring.
Pixel Laser
  • This laser treatment for acne can specifically target acne scarring by resurfacing the skin to rectify any irregularities.
  • The Harmony Pixelated Laser helps to improve the texture, tone, colour, and firmness of the skin.
  • The Pixel Laser treatment for acne can also target wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation helping to rejuvenate the skins overall appearance.
LED Luminous Lift
  • Combining the anti-ageing and anti-bacterial benefits of different light frequencies which increase blood circulation, LED Luminous Lift treatment can replenish and rejuvenate your skin.
  • The different settings can produce targeted results, encouraging collagen production to alleviate, calm and reduce acne or acne scarring to lift and tone the skin.

Why undergo Acne Treatments at EF MEDISPA?

  • Our tailored acne treatment plans will ensure any clients suffering from acne and acne scarring receive tailored results.
  • Our skin experts at EF MEDISPA will ensure there is something for everyone to calm, heal and repair acne damaged skin.
  • Your safety is our priority, with our staff highly experienced and able to offer exceptional care and advice.
  • Our clinics offer a private, relaxing, friendly, and welcoming environment for your treatment, helping you to enjoy your time at the clinic.
  • We will create a bespoke treatment plan, so you’ll receive the most effective results to help tackle acne and scarring.

Read through our patient stories to learn more about what our previous clients have experienced.

*Results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, EF MEDISPA cannot guarantee specific results.

Why undergo Acne Treatments at EF MEDISPA?

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Acne Treatments FAQs

What Is the Best Acne Treatment in the UK?

The best acne treatment and acne scar treatment will depend on each individual and their specific needs. This will differ from person to person, so it is advisable that you contact one of our expert clinicians for a full and thorough evaluation to find the best acne and acne treatment for their needs.

Is Acne Laser Treatment Permanent?

Laser acne treatment can produce permanent results, especially when the scarring is mild. Depending on the individual, it can take some time for the full effects of the laser treatment for acne treatment to become apparent as collagen is produced, but once these are visible, they will usually be long lasting, giving you the complexion, you desire.

Is Acne Scar Treatment Worth It?

If you aren’t concerned by the appearance of your acne scars, then there is no need to seek treatment for them. However, acne scare treatment is great for those who may feel self-conscious, depressed, or frustrated with their appearance. If this is the case, it is worth contacting our expert dermatologist to find out if acne skin treatment could help.


I've been seeing abbey for my back acne, dermapen and light therapy for the last year. My back is now completely clear and not even a scar is visible on the area. Thank you abbey so soooo much xx

Verified Patient

Dermapen & Light Therapy

EF Medispa have completely transformed my skin. I am so happy with the results!

Verified Patient

I've had both face and body treatments at St John's wood with Abbey and I couldn't recommended her more to anyone looking for an experienced therapist for face or body treatments.

Verified Patient

Very polite and pleasant attitude,professional treatment from Julie Feel very well and progress of my skin and body Highly recommend for my friends Michaela

Verified Patient

Such lovely therapists with great talent. My skin has improved beyond measure since coming here.

Verified Patient

Really happy with my treatment, feel great and can already see the difference in my skin firmness

Verified Patient

I've been seeing my therapist abbey for the last 2 years and my skin has never been better😀

Verified Patient

I had a fantastic treatment with Marinda today.My skin felt so good and having lots of laugh too.thanks

Verified Patient

Christina has been an a amazing therapist my skin looks better then ever! The comments I get all the time, highly recommend EF to my friends and family look forward to my next visit

Verified Patient

The most professional treatments - Christina always listens to my concerns and tailors the facial exactly to what I need. My skin has literally transformed since coming to EF. I could not imagine going anywhere that takes better care of me! Thank you so muc!

Verified Patient

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