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Dermal Fillers Summary

Procedure time

30/45 minutes

Back to work



Local anaesthetic cream if needed



Duration of results

6 -12 months*


Couple of days*

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid injections that are used to treat the effects of ageing skin. They can restore volume, and lift and plump areas of your skin that may have lost elasticity and firmness over time. As we age, our skin naturally loses fatty tissue and collagen, resulting in a gradual loss of volume. Using hyaluronic acid, a form of sugar that naturally occurs in our body, face dermal fillers can aid the repair of damaged tissue. If you have concerns with your skin’s aesthetic and want to plump and restructure the skin for a more defined, youthful appearance, our dermal fillers in London treatment may be the perfect solution. Book a consultation today and our experts can assess your areas of concern and recommend a bespoke course of face dermal treatment to provide the results you want.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Which concerns do Dermal Fillers In London treat?

Face dermal fillers, also known as face fillers or wrinkle fillers, are non-invasive anti-ageing injectables that are suitable for men and women. They can:

  • Restore your face shape Improve volume
  • Plump & smooth the skin
  • Address fine lines & wrinkles on the face
  • Tighten loose skin around the jawline & neck
  • Rejuvenate ageing skin on hands
  • Provide a more youthful, contoured result

Dermal fillers in London are a popular anti-ageing treatment used to improve the appearance of many parts of the face, neck and hands that are prone to fine lines, wrinkles, or loss of volume. Each area that can be improved with anti-wrinkle injectables are unique to each individual, so a consultation is always needed before going ahead with any form of dermal filler. All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.

What can Dermal Fillers be used for?

Under eyes & tear troughs

The delicate under-eye area often shows signs of ageing, through sagging skin, loss of volume and dark circles. The under-eye area can appear hollow and darkened. Dermal face fillers provide a safe, minimally invasive, and impressive solution to improve the appearance of the under-eye area, effectively treating sagging skin, indentations, and stubborn dark circles.


If you desire cheeks with more volume, plumpness, and lift, then face dermal fillers could be the perfect solution. Fast, effective, and minimally invasive, this treatment enables specific parts of your cheeks to be lifted, enhanced, and shaped.


Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their nose but do not want cosmetic surgery. Nose filler in London injections are a non-surgical rhinoplasty alternative to correct a hooked or bumpy nose with zero downtime. It is also a safe and effective solution if you suffer from a broken or misshaped nose.


Hands are often the giveaway sign for a person’s age, yet we spend time focusing on our faces and neck, without a thought for the skin on our hardworking hands. Dermal fillers can restore youthful hands by smoothing, tightening, and plumping the skin.


Whether you were born with thin lips, or they have lost some of their shape and plumpness over time, dermal fillers can restore lost volume and redefine the lip area for a fuller, youthful, natural-looking pout. Lip fillers are an amazing non-surgical alternative to lip augmentation surgery as they can give you natural-looking results with minimal downtime.


Dermal Fillers can be a great alternative to facial surgery if you have suffered from a loss of definition around your jawline due to the ageing process. When used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers can tighten loose skin for a younger-looking, chiselled jawline.


It is common for skin under the chin to sag, creating the unsightly appearance of a ‘double-chin’. Dermal fillers can be used to reshape or add volume to the chin area. Some people may wish to smooth out a crease in their chin, either on the bottom of the chin (bum crease) or in between the lower lip and the chin. The best dermal fillers in London can also address this concern.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.

What happens during Dermal Face Fillers treatment?

Dermal fillers in London treatment usually lasts approximately 30 – 45 minutes. One of EF MEDISPA’s highly experienced Doctors or Nurses will carefully assess the areas you would like to treat and then start performing the injections. The treatment does not require any form of anaesthesia, however numbing cream can be applied if needed. Our medical teams are on hand to offer advice and support before, during and after your treatment, putting your individual needs first.

At EF MEDISPA the safety, care and comfort of our patients are always our top priority. Our expertly trained medical team are carefully selected to ensure you receive the very best experience whilst in our care and the best results. Only qualified Doctors and Nurses can perform our dermal filler treatments.

Dermal Fillers London

What to expect after Dermal Fillers are injected?

You do not usually need any downtime following body and face dermal treatment. Results can be seen almost instantly and usually last for around 6 – 12 months. Your Treatment Coordinator will discuss any individual post-treatment or recovery requirements with you if required.

Dermal Fillers London at EF Medispa
Benefits of Dermal Fillers
  • Non-invasive procedure with no downtime
  • Non-permanent – they will break down naturally over time
  • Only performed by expert medical staff
  • Can be combined with other rejuvenation treatments
  • No skin test before treatment required
  • Youthful appearance to combat the signs of ageing
  • Fill in moderate to fine lines around the eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Bespoke treatment to your needs
Dermal Fillers Aftercare
  • Tenderness, redness, and swelling are to be expected – this will subside after a few days
  • You can return to normal daily activities immediately after treatment
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours
  • Avoid alcohol use for a minimum of 24 hours
  • Avoid wearing makeup for at least 12 hours after treatment
  • Top-up every 6-12 months as desired
  • Your treatment coordinator will detail your at-home aftercare regime for optimum results

Why choose EF MEDISPA for Dermal Fillers in London?

When considering a treatment such as dermal fillers, it is important you are 100% comfortable with your choice of clinic and medical team. Here at EF MEDISPA:

Every member of our staff is focused on your care and the results you desire, from your initial enquiry right through to the completion of your care. Our post-treatment review appointments ensure the optimum results for our clients, providing the best dermal fillers in London treatment. As a multi-award winning chain of medical spas, we aim to provide you with all the information and support you need to make the right decision for you.

We pride ourselves on treating each case as an individual one, understanding that our clients’ needs are completely unique, from nose filler in London treatment to dermal face fillers.

Our expert team ensures that your safety, comfort, and care are their top priority, and our medical staff keep on top of every development in our sector, helping us to offer the very best treatments and procedures.

Our clinics offer a warm and friendly environment that is clean, sterile, and safe to undergo your treatment. We ensure that our products and treatments remain up to date with the latest medical advancements that always offers the best outcome for our patients. To understand why choosing EF MEDISPA to have the best dermal fillers in London could address your concerns, please do take a moment to read some of our patient stories.

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EF Medispa clinic room

Step by Step Dermal Fillers in London

  1. No obligation consultation

    Your first step is a no-obligation consultation with one of EF MEDISPA’s expert team who is trained to provide you with detailed information on the procedure involving Dermal Filler Injections. Your next appointment will then be booked with the Aesthetic Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.

  2. Meet your medical practioner

    Once you meet your Practitioner, they will take your full medical history and assess your skin to suggest what type of procedure is most suitable for you. You will have the opportunity to discuss the treatment process thoroughly and the results you are looking to achieve before treatment.

  3. During the treatment

    Should you wish to proceed with this treatment, your Practitioner will examine your face to determine where to administer the Dermal Filler injections for optimum results. Small amounts of filler will then be injected into the areas where you have fine lines or wrinkles, smoothing the area and adding volume. Our Dermal Fillers contain the formulated local anaesthetic lidocaine to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible. The treatment lasts approximately 30 – 45 minutes and the downtime is minimal.

Dermal Fillers Before & After

Before Dermal Fillers
After Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers FAQs

Are dermal fillers safe?

Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally produced sugar that occurs in our skin to help repair damaged tissue. Its normal liquid state is transformed into a gel injection to help plump out troublesome lines and bind with collagen, allowing nutrients to flow easily to the skin.

How do dermal face fillers work?

The filler works by helping to add volume to the skin, smoothing lines and plumping areas that have lost shape or definition. They can also help create a lifting effect when administered into the cheeks or fill indents and deep lines.

When will I see results?

Results may start to show straight away, however, if there is any slight swelling it may take a couple of days to ease before full results start to show.

How long will my results last?

Results usually last between 9-12 months* depending on the area treated*.

Will Dermal Fillers in London Treatment be right for me?

EF MEDISPA’s specially trained Medical Practitioners will be able to assess whether dermal fillers are right for you during your consultation. It is important to disclose any current medication at every appointment.

How much are dermal fillers?

The cost of treatment will depend on the specific results you require and the areas you want to address. The total cost of dermal fillers will be determined by how many follow-up treatments you want to book. The exact costs will be discussed before going ahead with dermal fillers at your consultation.


Just had injectables and fillers with Dr Marco amazing has always, professional and efficient will highly recommend with Marco 🤗

Verified Patient


I had my lip cosmetic injectables with Dr Marco today for the first time and I have to say my lips have never looked so good straight after! No bruises, no swelling, I was ready to go back to work. He was super quick and made the whole experience really comfortable for me. I will highly recommend Dr Marco and I will definitely be back!!

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Christina has been an a amazing therapist my skin looks better then ever! The comments I get all the time, highly recommend EF to my friends and family look forward to my next visit

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