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Mole Removal Summary

Procedure time

20 minutes

Back to work



Local anaesthetic



Duration of results

Maintenance courses maybe required



Cosmetic mole removal in London

Whilst moles are common skin conditions, they can be irritating and often affect your self-confidence. If you are seeking a professional treatment to address these concerns, you can be confident that you are in safe hands with our highly experienced dermatologists at EF MEDISPA. Striving to offer the best cosmetic treatments in London, you can be confident in an effective and comfortable experience with us.

Following an assessment of your moles, our dermatologist will give you their expert advice and recommendations on the best course of action. This will include ways to minimise any potential scarring.

Cosmetic mole removal in London

mole removal London

What is a mole?

A mole is a small, coloured growth on the surface of the skin that develops when the skin’s pigment cells grow in clusters instead of spreading evenly. 

One of the most common causes of skin moles is UV light. Meaning that skin with greater exposure to the sun tends to have an increased number of moles.

Exposure to the sun, hormonal changes during puberty and pregnancy can all cause moles to darken.

  • Mole removal starting from £300
  • Consultation fee with Specialist Dermatologist can be deducted from price of treatment
  • Additional 10% discount if you have more than one mole to be removed

What are my mole treatment options?

Shave mole removal

Shaving is a fast and painless method commonly used for treating raised moles. It involves an injection of local anaesthetic just under the mole to numb the area, before this special surgical technique is performed to shave the mole down, making it flush with the surrounding skin.

Excision mole removal

The excision method to remove moles is usually recommended for flat moles or moles that are potentially worrying. This procedure involves a painless injection of local anaesthetic under the mole to numb the area, before the dermatologist uses a scalpel to remove the mole and a border of good skin surrounding it. The small opening is then brought together with stitches.

Tailored to your concern

At EF MEDISPA we take pride in our personalised approach to each private mole removal in London. Our team of experts will always strive to create the most effective, bespoke mole removal plan to maximise your results and minimise scarring.

Cosmetic mole removal in London

What are the benefits of mole removal in London?

  1. HEALTH - While most moles are benign, those that change colour or shape are a concern. This could be an indication to the development of melanoma, which is a dangerous form of skin cancer. Therefore, it is vitally important that you have any suspicious moles checked as soon as possible.
  2. SKIN IRRITATION - The removal of moles reduce skin irritation that can occur when moles rub against our clothing or jewellery. It also eliminates the catching of raised moles whilst shaving.
  3. COSMETIC - Some moles can be very prominent and difficult to conceal, which can have an impact on your self-esteem. Cosmetic mole procedures are an excellent way to improve your self-confidence.

Why should I have mole removal in London at EF MEDISPA?

Our specialist, award-winning clinics provide a welcoming and safe environment with a team of highly qualified and experienced clinical practitioners and dermatologists. We are confident that we offer the best mole removal clinic in London and ensure that every patient is completely satisfied with their treatment with us. Our skin experts will assess your mole and discuss with you the most suitable form of treatment that will offer the best results. Call our highly experienced Team at EF MEDISPA today to book your consultation.

Cosmetic mole removal in London

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Mole Removal FAQs

What areas can be treated with cosmetic mole removal in London?

You can have mole removal treatment anywhere on your body. Our team of expert dermatologists are experienced in removing moles from the face, body and even sensitive and hard to reach areas.

How long do mole removal procedures take?

This procedure take around 20 minutes to complete, but depends on the size or the number of moles being treated.

Is the removal process painful?

The level of discomfort is dependent on the wart removal technique. For the excision method, the area is numbed with a local anaesthetic. After treatment, the skin may be tender for a few days and will need to have a dressing applied.

Will it leave scarring?

After the removal of your mole, you may see a pink mark or small scar on your skin, however this will fade over time.


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I'm completely thrilled with the result. I look, I think, subtly better and completely natural. Not years younger, but fresher, brighter and more cheerful. As promised, my jawline is tighter, my cheeks firmer, my brows more elegantly arched and even my thinning upper lip looks fuller and more upturned. Within a couple of weeks of living with my new face, it felt completely mine.

Leah Hardy

Temporal Lift

The fantastic team at the King’s Road clinic put my slight apprehension at immediate ease. They were professional, knowledgeable and provided a seamless approach to my treatment (Volite HA Boost), checking that I was comfortable throughout. Twenty minutes later and pleasing results were already visible… I’m looking forward to seeing further improvements!

Elizabeth Lee

Volite HA Boost

The Zone Out treatment was fantastic, it relaxed my mind and body, clearing my head of all that “London” stress … Victoria, the Hydrotherapist was incredibly knowledgeable and informative; above all making me feel at ease …I can’t wait to come back again!

Jennifer Burton

Zone Out Colonic Hydrotherapy

After having FemiLift, I don’t have the worrying sense of urgency to go to the toilet as much, I feel much more in control, this treatment has changed my life for the better. I am amazed how easy and comfortable the whole process has been.



I’m absolutely thrilled by the 3D SkinLift. Having two children took its toll leaving loose skin on my stomach that I couldn’t get rid of. Even from my first session with 3DSkinLift I could see noticeable difference and now after a full course I’m feeling like my old self again.


3D SkinLift by Ultraformer

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