Autumn tips

Summer is officially over and London’s brutal weather has forced us to face autumn earlier than expected. It is a well-known fact that our skin differs from season to season and right now is the perfect time to consider altering several steps from your “last-season” skincare routine. Fortunately for you, we have gathered up our top skincare and lifestyle tips to ease your way into autumn… Care for your vulnerable skin For keeping skin hydrated, soft and supple as the cold air sets in, one of our favourite winter creams is the VernixCrème Masque Vernix by Parisian skincare line Biologique Recherche. Its powerful healing abilities come from its unusual composition; the Crème Masque Vernix identically replicates the formulation of vernix caseosa, the protective layer covering a newborn baby at birth. This thick, rich cream with a highly active ingredient mix of antioxidants, fats and proteins helps to balance the skin's PH level, moisturise and protect. MarjoleSilky Soft Sleepwear should be as sexy and fashionable as you are during the day. When you come home for a cosy night in away from the dark and cold, why not slip into a stylish, long silky nightgown or a Marjolaine Rose pyjama set that is totally unique and fitting for lounging luxuriously. If you prefer a kimono or a chemise, there is one just right for your personality or mood. The Petits Bisous collection has a style that is right for you. Reshaping with Barrecore When the weather is cold and wet it is very difficult to get motivated for exercise. This is why we love Barrecore; not your Indoors Exerciseaverage indoor exercise program, these specialist and innovative classes are capable of working each and every major muscle group in your body.  Barrecore is 60 minutes of incredible fat burning, stretching exercises for the specific muscle groups that works no matter your fitness level. Want to exercise at home? Classes are also offered online; you can reinvent your body to be shapely and firm with Barrecore's flexible plan. Vitamin Boost! We all know that this time of year is fraught with everyone catching colds; the change in weather, central heating clicking on and long dark nights do not help things either. By keeping your vitamin levels up you can help support your body when it needs it; try our Drip & Chill IV Vitamin Infusions. Available in our West London clinics and now our brand new Canary Wharf Drip & Chill Lounge, these bespoke formulations help boost your system with cold fighters such as your Vitamin C’s and B’s, plus more targeted vitamins such as Glutathione the powerful antioxidant and Glucosamine, which helps your body produce energy. Antioxidant Soup   Swap salads for soups As the temperature drops it is important to adjust your diet to accommodate, but ditching salads does not mean you have to miss out on the good stuff. Keep your antioxidant levels up with health boost soups and broths like this belly warming antioxidant soup recipe; we will definitely be making big batches of this to keep us going this autumn!   Ingredients (6-7 servings): 4 cups of water 2 garlic cloves, minced 4 green onions, trimmed and sliced 1,5 cups raw carrots, diced 2 cups sweet potatoes, diced with skin intact 1,5 cups of green beans, cooked 1/2  cup of sweet corn, drained 3 cups of fresh baby spinach 2 cups chopped tomatoes 2 ounces tomato sauce 5 ounces of squash puree 5 ounces of pumpkin puree 1 tablespoon of dark miso, dissolved in 1/2 cup hot water 1 tablespoon fresh oregano 1 tablespoon fresh thyme Cooking Instructions: Put carrots, sweet potatoes, onions and garlic in a large saucepan and cook them covered for 25 minutes. Then, add green beans, corn and spinach. Cook them for 10 more minutes. Finally, add the chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce, squash puree, miso mixture and herbs and simmer for 60 minutes. You can always add more water if you prefer a more brothy soup. cinnnamon   Another top tip; Cinnamon actually contains more antioxidants than many other spices and can pack a punch nutritionally! Providing a heartwarming, autumnal taste why not add Cinnamon to your soup or juice?    
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