Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular treatments at our aesthetic clinic on Whiteladies Road in Bristol. We use the latest technology for permanent hair reduction which offers superior results on many skin tones. We are constantly asked about the treatment so wanted to write this guide to Laser Hair Removal to help answer all those burning questions! If you have any other questions about this treatment contact us or book a complimentary consultation with our expert Treatment Coordinators.

Laser Hair Removal in Bristol, effective hair reduction for women and men

Laser Hair Removal (known LHR) is a permanent solution to reducing unwanted, unsightly hair – making the constant battle between hair follicles and the underwhelming razor or wax strip a thing of the past. Yet for many, considering this treatment can seem daunting; and you may feel overwhelmed with the information out there in the online world. Allow the team at EF Medispa Bristol to demystify Laser Hair Removal and answer your key questions, such as “Which areas can LHR treat?”, “Is LHR painful?” and “Is LHR right for me?”

Which areas can be treated by LHR?

Laser Hair Removal is a beautifully effective (and gentle) solution for permanently removing unwanted hair from many areas of your face and body. An incredibly popular treatment at EF Medispa in Bristol, and suited for both men and women alike, Laser Hair Removal is most commonly sought for: cheeks, upper lip, back, underarms, bikini line, chest and legs. However, LHR for the face can also treat: the jaw, ears, neck and nose; while LHR for the body can treat the stomach, nipples, buttocks, hands & fingers, and feet & toes.

Why have LHR?

No more shaving or waxing Individuals who choose Laser Hair Removal can forever forgo their time-consuming daily shaving routines (a beauty chore which saps some 72 days of the average lady’s lifetime). While for those who wax the prospect of never again experiencing the frequent painful, inconvenient 6-weekly trips to the salon can be nothing short of blissful.  Virtually pain-free Contrary to popular misconception, LHR is virtually pain-free. The exact sensation and level of any discomfort will depend on a number of factors, such as the texture of the hair and the type of skin. Your Treatment Coordinator should be able to provide insight as to what you, as an individual, should expect in relation to discomfort during your consultation. Have confidence in cutting-edge technology EF MEDISPA Bristol harnesses the most advanced hair removal techniques with cutting-edge, industry leading equipment; our equipment delivers a precise, pulsed laser light to weaken and ultimately destroy the hair follicle. Up to 95% of hair permanently reduced Laser Hair Removal is an unparalleled solution for unwanted hair reduction – consistently proven to permanently reduce 95% of hair. This becomes more noticeable with each treatment session you undergo – with your hair becoming lighter and thinner with each sitting. Treats a wide range of skin tones and hair colours The most advanced LHR techniques and equipment can today successfully treat all skin tones and most hair colours.

Is LHR right for me?

LHR is an incredibly versatile treatment – both in terms of the individuals whom it can treat, and the problem areas it can address. However, to be certain that LHR is right for you, for the results you seek, your skin tone and hair type, it’s vital that you meet with a qualified consultant to discuss your individual circumstances.

Is LHR safe?

There are many myths and misconceptions that surround LHR. Let us put your mind at rest – when handled by a trained technician using the correct equipment, in a clean, safe and appropriate environment, LHR is absolutely, without question, safe.

What is the cost of LHR?

The exact cost of your LHR treatment will depend on a number of factors, from the area to be covered, to the number of sessions required to achieve the results you seek. Our service is truly tailored to you – and during a one-to-one, informal consultation we shall discuss the areas in need of treatment and provide a detailed quotation. During this meeting, you can also ask any questions you wish of your dedicated treatment co-ordinator. No obligation, no pressure – simply expertise and answers.

Where can you get LHR?

Laser hair removal can rightly be thought of as the beauty treatment that promises it all, virtually free from pain. Yet to deliver on its promise, you need to choose your treatment provider with care (just as you would with any cosmetic treatment). As a first founding step, Practitioners MUST be licensed to carry out laser hair removal, and hold a minimum NVQ 3; and beyond the basics of qualifications and legalities, there’s something else that’s every bit as important – and that’s reputation and a focus on client care. EF MEDISPA is the UK’s first medical spa and leading skin clinic. Known equally for their professionalism as they are for their expertise, our trained team provide superior experiences and high-quality Laser Hair removal in Bristol  (in a relaxed atmosphere in luxurious surroundings). Find our clinic on Whiteladies Road, in the Bristol Clifton village. Want to find out more about Laser Hair removal at EF MEDISPA Bristol? Contact us today for more information.
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