What is bloating? Let’s face it, we’ve all been bloated at some point and it’s not the best experience. To feel uncomfortable, stretched and full can be a regular occurrence for many of us, whereas others won’t experience it as much (lucky bunch!).

What is bloating?

In the simplest terms, bloating is a build-up of gas in your digestive system causing your abdominal area to look and feel swollen. This can be caused by food not being digested or absorbed properly but there are a number of causes, all of which vary from person to person. What causes bloating?

What causes bloating?

You may be lactose intolerant: Some people often don’t realise that they cannot digest lactose, a type of sugar found in dairy products. If you get bloated after eating certain types of dairy, try cutting it out for a week to see if there is a correlation. The veggies: That’s right, even the healthiest of foods can cause excess gas. Leafy greens, beans and cabbage are examples of healthy food groups that are high for producing gas. Too much of one food group: A lack of a varied diet can soon have its impact on your digestive system. Too much carb heavy food including rice and potatoes are harder for the body to digest while a salt-heavy diet is no better. Salt contains sodium and sodium causes your body to hold water, causing your belly to bloat. Not enough water: Did you know dehydration slows the digestive process up? When your body feels dehydrated, it holds on to excess water, causing you to feel fuller.

How to help a bloatHow to help a bloat

We can’t tell your body how to react on a daily basis, however we do offer a range of treatments that can help to avoid bloating. At EF MEDISPA our approach is bespoke to each individual and we firmly believe that improving your inner health can help to achieve outer beauty and wellbeing. We offer a diet and nutrition plan to help address your concerns and treat bloating. Whether you’re looking to change your diet or reach a specific goal, our expert Nutritionists will create a bespoke programme that can help reveal a healthier diet plan. Along with expert advice on specific concerns, our diet plans can help with weight loss, energy levels, concentration levels, IBS, health, hair and appearance. Colonic Hydrotherapy at EF MEDISPA is our holistic body cleansing treatment that helps to remove unnecessary waste and harmful toxins from the body, a perfect way to refresh your body’s bacterial balance. The gentle procedure will be carried out by our colonic Hydrotherapist and will leave you feeling relaxed, healthy and refreshed. We also offer Lymphatic drainage which can help to unclog trapped proteins or toxins. It’s essential to have a good lymphatic flow to enable essential nutrients to travel across the body. The light pressure massage helps to enhance the elimination of fat in our body, helping to improve blood flow and function of our immune system. If you’re interested in any of the treatments mentioned, please call 02038112727 or to book a complimentary consultation click here.
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