For many people, Christmas may feel like it’s a long way off. How for some of us there are just two pays left, which means the planning needs to start now. The build up to Christmas can involve weeks and weeks of partying, dinners and other social events, so to help you start your prep now, EF MEDISPA has some fantastic treatments on offer to get you looking fabulous from head to toe.

FaceFacial Injectables at EF MEDISPA

Botox Botox is an excellent treatment to enjoy long-lasting anti-ageing effects. The treatment is carried out by experienced Practitioners following a consultation to identify where you’d benefit from the procedure, and as it only takes 30 minutes, you can have the treatment in your lunch hour. The ideal solution to smooth lines and wrinkles for up to five months, Botox should be an essential for your Christmas prep list. Dermal Fillers If you’re lips are showing their age, or you’re concerned about fine lines around your mouth, then dermal fillers could provide you with what you need for younger, fuller-looking lips. Providing long-lasting results and no recovery time, you can enjoy the perfect pout in no time. Neckline Define Peel You may think that age just shows on your face, but in fact, your neck and décolletage are two areas which show the most prominent signs of ageing. This revolutionary treatment can help plump the area using a roller device to apply a combination of creams to increase the amount of hyaluronic in the area, for a more youthful neckline. A course of four treatments is recommended for optimum results, so book your consultation now to see results in time for the festive season. Teeth Whitening At our Canary Wharf location, you can enjoy quick and effective teeth whitening treatments to get your teeth snowy white in time for Christmas. Using the latest technology to provide safe, noticeable results, you’ll have the biggest smile of them all for the Christmas party photos.

Radiofrequency at EF MEDISPABody

Radiofrequency Even if we’re at our fitness peak, our skin can still look thin and aged, whilst cellulite causes a confidence problem for many. A course of Radiofrequency treatments can help to restore your body’s natural contour, giving you younger, smoother looking skin ready for your new party outfit. Ease Lymph Congestion with Electro-lymphatic Therapy and Electro-lymphatic therapy for Cellulite If you’ve been feeling sluggish or under the weather in the run up to the party season, the cause could be deeper than you think. Lymph congestion can lead to a number of ailments which Electro-lymphatic therapy aims to tackle. Using light energy to ease congestion and release trapped proteins into the blood and lymph system, this treatment can energise and revitalise to get you into the party mood. The treatment can also be used to tackle cellulite, releasing the toxins and proteins which cause cellulite to boost lymphatic flow.Serum Matriciel Serum Matriciel for Firmer, Toned Skin (Biologique Recherche) If you’re looking for something you can do at home to prep your body for the winter season, you can’t go wrong with Serum Matriciel. A fast-acting serum designed to tone skin and give it a firmer, more youthful appearance, an application of this wonder product will give you the confidence to bear those legs with a smile.

And to keep you going throughout the party season…

IV Vitamin Infusions at EF MEDISPADrip & Chill EF MEDISPA’s Drip & Chill IV Infusions are the perfect treat to help you through the party season. Perfect for boosting your immune system or for an energising lift, a relaxing drip will set you up for the party season, and help you recover when it’s over. With different cocktails available for different needs, you’ll be sure to find your perfect match. With so many great treatments available to get you party perfect, why not book a day to indulge in some festive pampering? Our treatments are designed to leave you looking and feeling great, the perfect pre-Christmas treat to yourself. Take a look at our full range of treatments here.