GLP-1, as it is known, has multiple different names: Tirzepatide, Mounjaro, and the recently approved Wegovy (a stronger version formulated for the UK).

The drug has gained significant popularity amongst celebrities coming out with their drastic weight loss in a very short period. However, not many discuss the benefits of tirzepatide GLP-1 on skin tightening.

Here are our three top treatments to tighten your skin after taking Mounjaro:

HIFU with Ultraformer III

Our most popular treatment with precision targeting sagging skin on the face, neck and body.

As we grow older, our skin naturally produces less collagen and elastin, eventually losing its strength and tightness, resulting in sagging skin around the face, neck and body.

Our Ultraformer III treatment at EF MEDISPA is an advanced ultrasound treatment using HIFU-powered transducers offering impressive tightening and lifting results without needing nips, tucks or snips. 

The newest technology by Ultraformer reported that patients who underwent treatment improved by 95% between 4-12 weeks post-treatment.


Radiofrequency treatment

Targeting both sagging skin and the dimpled appearance of cellulite, our advanced Radiofrequency treatment harnesses the power of technology to achieve the appearance you desire.

Radiofrequency skin tightening also gently massages to improve microcirculation and lymphatic drainage to enhance the natural elimination of trapped toxins and dead fat cells from the body.



The combination of vitamins and minerals in our Mesotherapy skin treatment can be tailored to address a variety of concerns. 

Mesotherapy injections help to reduce sagging skin on the face and body. Vitamins and minerals feed the skin, enhancing the production of new collagen, helping to effectively tighten and rejuvenate troublesome areas of loose skin.

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