EF SKIN is thrilled to announce the launch of Alphascience in the UK.

 In today's blog, we will be discussing the latest innovation of science driven skincare brought to Alphascience.young woman with perfect smooth skin using aphascience Who is Alphascience? Alphascience is a French skincare brand specialising in scientifically driven products, packed full of natural active antioxidants. The range is 100% vegan-friendly and features the world’s first serum containing Tannic acid – a natural ingredient with remarkable skincare benefits.   We’re excited to announce that we are the sole distributors of Alphascience within the UK and want to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about what the brand has to offer.   Protection & Correction At the heart of Alphascience are two fundamental functions: Protection and Correction. Using carefully selected, scientifically proven ingredients, Alphascience aims to protect your skin from free radicals and signs of premature ageing. These can be caused by several factors, including UV rays, pollution, smoking, stress and alcohol. In addition to this, the highly concentrated natural ingredients hydrate and nourish the skin, working to correct damage and diminish signs of ageing.   The Alphascience range is comprised of 5 essential products, including 3 serums and 2 creams:   Alphascience Anti-Ageing Tannic Serum Alphascience Anti-Ageing Tannic SerumAlphascience are ahead of the curve with the world’s first ever Tannic Acid Serum – the ideal anti-ageing product. It’s high concentration of Vitamin C and reparative ingredients including Ascorbic acid, Tannic acid, Ferulic acid and Ginkgo Biloba, actively work to prevent and correct signs of ageing - all while leaving you positively glowing.   Alphascience Phytic Serum Enhance your natural radiance and keep wrinkles, fine lines and brown spots at bay with the rejuvenating Phytic serum. A great post-sun care serum, containing Phytic acid, a natural antioxidant that tackles sun damage and signs of photo ageing.   Alphascience Alpha Bright Serum This intensive spot correcting serum, high in Vitamin C, is designed to flush out free radicals in the body, caused by a range of environmental and hormonal factors. The powerful ingredients, which include Ascorbic acid and Phytic acid, work together to even out your complexion, reducing brown spots and ensuring smoother, more radiant and firmer skin.   Alphascience Ultra Deep Firm & Restore Cream A rich and silky cream designed to revitalise pre and post menopausal skin. Alphascience Ultra Deep Firm & Restore CreamThe Saponaria Pumila stem cells and Lupine proteins will support your skin’s loss of cutaneous density; regenerating fundamental skin tissues to prevent sagging. Aescine, with its strong anti-inflammatory properties, will also tackle redness and small visible vessels, balancing out your complexion and helping you to look and feel great.   Alphascience Lift & Correct Surface Cream Tackle the first signs of wrinkles and sagging with this creamy emulsion that works to lift and refine your skin. The natural, powerful ingredients, which include Tripeptide, L-Glutamine, Genistein and Hyaluronic Acid, offer Botox-like results, boosting collagen production in the body to restore its natural density. This hydrating and nourishing surface cream will also optimise your skin’s natural moisture and create a smoother, more youthful complexion.   Vegan-friendly formulas for all skin types Alphascience is paving the way for vegan-friendly skincare brands, proving that formulas can be natural, powerful and backed by science, without containing or being tested on animals.   herbal essence alternative medicine Whether you are looking to protect young and fragile skin or tackle natural signs of ageing, Alphascience has a product for you; with formulations designed for all skin types, from oily to normal and dry.   We’re very pleased to stock the entire range of Alphascience products within our EF MEDISPA clinics. The range is also exclusively available on the EF Skin website, click here to shop the products now. We look forward to hearing your feedback. We’re certain you’re going to love it.  
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