ad It’s not just women who have the desire to lose weight and feel lean and toned. Men are increasingly interested in how they can optimise their nutrition in order to look and feel their best. It’s important to remember that everyone is unique and no one strategy suits everyone. We spoke to our in house nutritionist Kim Pearson about her bespoke nutritional plans, her weight loss diet plan for men and how she can help her male clients achieve their goals. 'Men’s nutritional needs are different to women’s; therefore when it comes to devising a nutrition and diet plan for men it’s important to take an individualised approach. Whether you are looking to increase muscle mass, address weight gain around the middle, or simply improve your energy levels and general health, I can create a bespoke nutrition programme tailored to your individual goals and needs. During your initial consultation, I will discuss your health, diet and lifestyle in detail with diet Sometimes I recommend laboratory tests in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your state of health including a nutrient screen, adrenal stress tests, a digestive health screen, and many more. I will then carefully work out your nutritional requirements including your protein, fat, carbohydrate and micronutrition needs. This will be translated into a practical dietary and supplement plan that will seamlessly fit into your daily lifestyle. If your job requires you to eat out a lot, that’s fine, I will help you work out the best options to choose at restaurants. If you don’t have time to prepare lunches in advance, I can educate you about what healthy food options are widely available at high street chains. Grilled seabass and vegetablesMy top tip! Protein is essential for maintaining a healthy weight as well as building muscle and ensuring consistent energy levels, but most diets for men do not allow for enough. To work out how much protein you should be eating, multiply your ideal body weight by 1.5 to get the amount of protein in grams that you should be eating per day. This number may vary depending on your training goals, but 1.5 is a good place to start.' Many of our clients who see Kim are initially motivated by their desire to lose a few pounds of fat, however after a few weeks following her advice, they not only see their appearance change for the better, they also notice significant improvements in their energy levels, their concentration and their performance at work. Book your consultation with Kim today!