Drip & Chill at EF MEDISPA We all look for ways to improve our health, diet, weight and lifestyle but if you haven’t seen or felt any changes it could be time to introduce something a little different. Intravenous Vitamin Infusion Therapy, (it’s not as scary as it sounds, we promise!)  AKA Drip & Chill® at EF MEDISPA could be just what you need. Popular among celebrities and still on the rise as a trend, our Drip & Chill lounge offers personalised Vitamin Infusions and Intramuscular shots, tailored to your individual needs. The treatment can help addresses chronic fatigue, dehydration, a weak immune system, low energy levels, a poor diet and a stressful lifestyle. It’s also ideal for those with an active sports lifestyle, assisting in muscle recovery. The blend of tailored vitamins and minerals are delivered direct to the bloodstream, this combined with the powerful hit of antioxidants can help stimulate the production of new collagen and prevent signs of ageing. Drip & Chill at EF MEDISPA Esther Fieldgrass says, “I was inspired to create the Drip and Chill Lounge as I have been having vitamin infusions for several years, since I realised that this was the most efficient way to supplement the body’s deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. We developed a range of cocktails for all types of conditions, low energy, stress, poor digestive system and general ailments. Then, in line with EF MEDISPA’S philosophy of convenience and comfort, we moved the treatment from the Doctor’s surgery to our medispa environment.” We are delighted to introduce our Drip & Chill treatment to EF MEDISPA Richmond. Just a stone throw away from Richmond riverside and Richmond train station, our beautiful new clinic offers a range of non-surgical treatments including Facial and Peels, Radiofrequency, LED Luminous Lift, Laser Hair Removal, ClearSkin and anti-wrinkle injectables. To book a complimentary consultation click here, or to find out more about any of our treatments you can call us on 02038112727
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