We recently interviewed one of our surgeons, Mr. Davood Fallahdar, to find out more about him and the groundbreaking Temporal Lift (T-Lift)!

Tell us about yourself?
My name is Davood Fallahdar. I am a fully accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeon. I graduated 26 years ago in Medicine and Surgery from Medical School in Milan 1992. In 2000, I entered the UK GMC specialist register for Plastic Surgery.

What started your interest in plastic surgery?
From a young age I was fascinated by the art of surgery. I love that there are so many aspects to it, from trauma, to reconstructive. It is an area that is both aesthetic and functional – it offers great results for patients. It also allows me to develop great relationships and help patients achieve their desired results.

What attracted you to EF MEDISPA?
Well honestly, EF MEDISPA has been a brand that I have respected for a long time. The whole team are great, so knowledgeable! Esther is so knowledgeable and passionate about the industry. EF MEDISPA is a clinic with a difference. They offer a vast range of non-surgical and surgical treatments and procedures that allow patients to achieve the best results through options available to them at EF MEDISPA. I’m so pleased that I am now apart of the team

How long have you been performing plastic surgery for?
I have been performing plastic surgery for over 20 years!

What do you find most rewarding about your job?
The patient’s happiness! It’s so rewarding to know that we have achieved the result’s the patient has desired!

What is your favourite procedure to perform and why?
I would have to say it is the Temporal Lift, its such a simple yet effective procedure. Patients are always so pleased with the results! Its so rewarding to know that I have helped them achieve their goal.

How did you discover the Temporal Lift also known as the T-Lift?
Well I always try to keep up to date with new techniques so that I can offer my clients the finest results. One of my clients once came in to see me and mentioned that they keep pinning their hair back tight to reveal a more youthful appearance. This encounter prompted me to explore different techniques out there that would provide fast and effective results.  I then started to investigate procedures that would give the appearance of hair being tightened and discovered the Temporal lift – the rest is history.

What is one thing you always recommend to your patients?
The decision to undergo Plastic Surgery is highly personal. I always advise clients that they should ‘do their homework’! Research, research, research before making the final decision. Conduct research into the procedure and remember quality over quantity every time!

To find out more about the Temporal Lift (T-Lift) and watch out videos click here  


  • Graduated from Milan Medical School with an Honours in Medicine & Surgery
  • Specialist training in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery & Microsurgery at The University of Milan
  • Certificate of Specialty in ORL (ENT Head and Neck)
  • Gained further professional experience working around the world at highly acclaimed institutions
  • GMC (General Medical Council) Specialist Registration Plastic Surgery
  • BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)
  • BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons)
  • ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
  • FRCS (Eng.) Fellowship of Royal Colleges of Surgeons
  • Fellowship ad eundem of The Royal College of Surgeons
  • RSM (Royal Society of Medicine)
  • SICPRE (Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)

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