109a3485smallAfter all the many, many clients we’ve seen leave our lovely Kensington clinic looking and feeling a million dollars over the past 10 years, we’ve never actually taken the time to give the clinic itself a makeover. So in honour of its 10th birthday, we decided to change all of that! After several months of blood, sweat and tears, this month we were finally ready to reveal the new and improved Kensington. The intention was to create something modern and forward-thinking. It was out with the old, sparse and slightly “medical” feel of traditional clinics – and in with shimmering wallpaper and a luxurious marble counter that I sourced from a quarry myself. Behind it, there’s now a truly modern LED screen featuring information about our treatments and philosophy – and beautifully laid-out shelves, filled to the rafters with our carefully selected product ranges. In order to celebrate in style, I decided to host a grand opening party. All the hard work seemed well worth it when I realised that people I hadn’t seen for 40 years or more came in their droves to see me, the team and our new look – all whilst enjoying glasses of prosecco, delicious tuna tartare canapes and some special EF MEDISPA cupcakes. My hope is that this clinic paves the way for a new kind of space that’s dedicated to inside-out health, wellbeing and beauty. So be sure to come down and see it for yourself! 109a3513small 109a4034small 109a3592small  
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