Lake ConstanceOur founder, Esther Fieldgrass has always been passionate about inner health and well-being and providing a holistic approach to them. For this reason, during the month of September she spent 14 days at Buchinger Wilhemi, the leading clinic for therapeutic fasting, nutrition and integrative medicine. The clinics ethos is based around Dr Otto Buchingers therapeutic fasting which was founded over 90 years ago. The fast works to cleanse the body, kick-starting its self-healing powers and strengthening the immune system. The clinic is located in Bodensee above Lake Constance, providing guests with both tranquillity and stunning views during their stay.  

The Fast

Throughout the course of Esther’s stay she was closely monitored by Doctors, checking her weight, ketone levels and blood pressure. In order to get the most out of therapeutic fasting, it is imperative to ensure it is done in a safe environment with professional supervision. The first day at the clinic consisted of preparing her body for the 10 days of fasting that lie ahead, allowing a day for Esther to gently easer herself in, making the most of her meals. First BreakfastThe first day of Esther’s fast involved drinking an entire pitcher of Glaubersalz (sodium sulfate); this acts as a laxative and helps to clean out the bowel, removing all the toxins from inside. Peppermint tea was provided an hour later to help settle her stomach. During Esther’s stay at Buchinger she discovered there were many different activities going on to keep her busy. She thoroughly enjoyed the evening and day boat cruises down Lake Constance; the breath taking views were enough to take her mind off the fast for a few hours. Another activity (which seems slightly cruel) was a food demo. As you can imagine, this was one of the biggest tests of self-discipline during Esther’s stay. ‘The smell of food being prepared made my mouth salivate, then you could sample it, I really needed all my willpower not to eat anything… way too tempting. I kept telling myself, only another 4 days until I’m back on veggies. I never thought I’d be looking forward to a carrot!’ As well as the fast, Esther also tried some other remedies and treatments. One of these was a cellulite massage which she could only describe as ‘extraordinary’. Completely manual, without the use of any machines, it started as you would expect with anti-cellulite oil and massaging on the thighs, however it soon took a different turn as honey and salt was poured over Esther’s legs. Left on for a couple of minutes, it was then removed with very hot towels. Lastly, ice cubes where rolled up and down the thighs and buttocks. ‘My legs and skin feel great, but need about a year’s worth of treatments and a stretching rack before I’ll be happy’ Another remedy Esther really enjoyed, and tells us she is continuing to do at home was Roder Therapy. It involves dipping a long cotton bud in eucalyptus oil and inserting it to the very top of your nostril. She tells us it will bring tears to your eyes for 10 seconds, but that’s all. It’s great for your immune system, it also helps with breathing.

The Verdictcertifcate

Overall, Esther could not recommend Buchinger Wilhelmi enough. She lost over 5kg, and 7cm off her waist! ‘Worth doing again – well, for people like me with no will power and a full social calendar definitely. I’ve already booked in for next May just in case I don’t manage to keep it off!’ 
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