lady garden runThis month, I’m thrilled to announce our sponsorship of The Lady Garden’s 5k run, taking place on April 23rd in Battersea Park. With the aim of attracting 250 runners and raising £50,000, the run has been organised by The Lady Garden – a campaign by newly established charity, The Gynaecological Cancer Fund, which sets out to change the future of female cancers. They’ve already worked with Black Score designer, Simeon Farrar and TOPSHOP on a statement Lady Garden Campaign sweatshirt, with a percentage of sales profits going towards the campaign, £35 (www.ladygardencampaign.co.uk). It’s fantastic to see from their Instagram feed too that the likes of Alexa Chung, Liz Hurley and Cara Delevingne have already shown their support and snapped selfies of themselves wearing the sweatshirt. Having been introduced to the campaign by a client, As I work with so many women on a daily basis, I want to empower them to look after themselves better. Yet a key sticking point is a lack of awareness, education – and a willingness to communicate. As astounding as it may seem, research shows that a third of women aged 16-35 are too embarrassed to go to their Doctors with gynaecological problems. So no wonder cancers such as that of the ovaries are known as the ‘silent killers’. In the run-up to the run, I’ll be inviting Doctors and experts into EF clinics to give talks and increase awareness, educating women on the signs and symptoms they need to get checked. On the day of the run itself, we’ll also have a tent in Battersea park, offering attendees massage treatments so sign up now, get in shape and show your support for this truly fantastic cause. We’ll see you there!  


BristolAfter a hugely successful launch of both our new venues in the City of London and in Birmingham, I can’t wait to tell you more about our latest location in Bristol. ‘Why Bristol?’ I hear you ask. Well, having been keen to spread the unique EF know-how for some time now, a look at the Bristol market showed that there really was nothing on the medispa scene to satisfy the needs of men and women living in the city and surrounding area. So, bringing the most popular treatments from our London clinics – including facials, fillers, lasers and our famous Drip & Chill intravenous vitamin infusions – to a whole new Bristol client base, we’re also adding on some health boosting extras. As well as this true, inside out approach that synergises health, fitness and beauty and cements the EF MEDISPA philosophy about holistic wellbeing, the new location will also have a different look and feel to our London venues. Away from the bustle of the King’s Road, the café culture of Kensington Church Street and the high street environment of St John’s Wood, at Whiteladies Road, Bristol, we’ll be housed in a fantastic gothic building, complete with traditional features on the exterior. Inside, we’ve gone for our most modern feel yet. The countdown is now on to complete our finishing touches before we throw open the doors in May. Watch this space for more updates!  


REDUCE-BY-VANQUISHSpring is in the air at last, so naturally, thoughts are turning to summer – the season of outdoor events, weddings, and holidays where skin-baring is all but obligatory. Over the years, we’ve bought you the latest and greatest new technologies when it comes to reducing fat. So when I heard someone eulogising over the new Reduce by Vanquish treatment, saying it produced the most noticeable, impressive results yet, I was sceptical. And yet, after testing it for myself, I’ve had to eat my cynical words! So how does it work – and what makes it stand out? Unlike regular radiofrequency waves, that stay largely in the superficial layers of the skin, Reduce by Vanquish allows them to penetrate much more deeply – sometimes up to 15mm into the fatty area. Remarkably, it has the ability to ‘kill off’ up to 60% of fat cells in any given area – and is particularly effective on the abdomen, thighs and upper arms. After the fat cells have been slain, we work some more magic with our trademark combination treatments, using lymphatic drainage – alongside a diet high in protein with plenty of water drinking – to flush them out and produce a sleeker silhouette. We can then follow up with a skin tightening treatment if necessary. All in all, I’ve witnessed people lose three inches or more of fat in a single area! To get the best possible results, I’d recommend having four to six treatments, spaced a week a part. And with April only round the corner, there’s no better time than to book your course – and watch as my new favourite, fat-reducing miracle takes place!
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