ESSENTIAL PREP FOR A LONG WEEKEND AWAY Happy womanAs much as I love a good two-week holiday, work and family commitments mean that it’s an indulgence I sometimes have to forego. Yet with the longer, lighter days of summer finally having arrived, taking a long weekend jaunt can feel (almost!) like a proper, relaxing holiday. So when time is off the essence and you want to prep your skin and body, put these five things on your beauty shopping list. Then simply hop in the car...
  1. For sun resilience: While SPF is always essential to protect skin from the damage inflicted by UV rays, there is something you can do to build its resilience to the effects of the sun even before you travel. Skinceuticals C E Ferulic is a potent vitamin C serum that not only firms and brightens a dull complexion, but will also prepare it to be more resistant to sun damage.
  2. For a subtle glow: Long weekends away don’t require a mahogany tan – but taking the edge of pale, winter skin always makes everyone look and feel better. I love to prep my skin with the Sunescape Tinted Body Lotion – an illuminating cream infused with a hint of shimmer that delivers an instant, subtle glow.
  3. For glossy hair: Redken is one of the best brands around when it comes to getting results on all hair types. After colouring my hair, I rely on the Diamond Oil range to add shine to bounce the light when the sun shines.
  4. For perky peepers: There’s nothing worse than looking back at pictures of your long weekend away and simply thinking how tired you look. Get smoother, firmer, more crease-free eyes with Redara – the latest “micro-chanelling” patches. Each one is coated in teeny-tiny, painless needles that help the hyaluronic acid imbued within the patches to penetrate deeper into the skin and provide maximum, plumping hydration.
  5. For chic nails: While I love a lovely bright nail polish, the abundance of ultra chic, nude nails on the catwalks this season has really inspired me to go for something more pared back. So get an immaculate manicure and add a sophisticated pale pink, mauve or peach. Less is definitely more when it comes to nails this season.
Bon voyage!   SUPPORT THE MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE ASSOCIATION TODAYCharity walk from Plymouth to Lymington In something a little bit different for the EF MEDISPA blog today, I wanted to congratulate my friend David Coulson of 40 years on his incredible charity walk from Plymouth to Lymington. Arriving home from Spain this month, I went straight to Bournemouth to meet him for the last leg of his journey. After more than 250 miles along the beautiful South West Coastal Path, needless to say – he was more than a little exhausted! As proof that walking is a great form of exercise, he has also lost about a stone in weight. Luckily, his wife has been meeting up with him to provide moral support and join him in one of the many B&Bs along the way for some much needed food and sleep. Yet even after many miles, thousands of steps and a few blisters here and there his motivation to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, which helps both the families and sufferers of the condition, has never waned. Sadly, this year we lost our very dear friend, Jan Barnett to this terrible illness. She was a wonderful, vibrant woman and the inspiration behind his decision to undertake his journey. So far, he has raised more than £6,000 – but please do log on to his Just Giving page and support his efforts and this extremely worthy cause.   SUMMER SKIN SUMS vanquish blogOne of the founding philosophies of EF MEDISPA is combining treatments into custom made plans that deliver the best possible results for the individual client. And with so many treatments at our disposal, there are almost an infinite number of combinations that promise to get you the results you want – when you want. So as summer – and its associated skin/body problems – nears, here are some treatment equations you might like to consider. Trust me when I say they add up to achieving your best, most confident you yet... Reduce by Vanquish fat busting + Radiofrequency = The skin tightening solution for larger ladies. Reduce by Vanquish + Lymphatic Drainage = Toning and tightening stubborn pockets of fat for slimmer women. 3D Skinlift by Ultraformer ultrasound treatment for face or body + High-Frequency Mesotherapy micro-needling treatment with vitamins and minerals = Smoothing and contouring for loose skin. Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) breakdown of fat and toxins + High-Frequency Mesotherapy = Cellulite reduction. Ultrasound collagen stimulation + Radiofrequency = Cellulite reduction and skin tightening. The Lunchtime Quicklift skin remodelling + High-Frequency Mesotherapy = Super fast tightening and brightening for lacklustre complexions. Pick one of our favourite combinations, or start adding up your own bespoke plan!
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