Chris JamesThis month we had the pleasure of speaking with Chris James of Chris James Mind & Body, a premium health and lifestyle brand. Chris’ background is in Yoga and meditation, however in 2004 he created his “12Days” cleanse, and has since gone on to create many other products within the health market. We asked James to tell us a little more about his cleanses, and what kind of benefits you can expect to feel from them.  How do your cleanses differ from others on the market? Unlike other ‘body cleanse detox’ packages, “12Days” Cleanse is a philosophy and a life experience that became a product. In fact, it was so successful and it had such wonderful transformative effects for my one on one clients that they told all of their friends about it, and it just grew through word of mouth at first. “12Days” Cleanse really is the ultimate holistic wellness program. Try it and you will be amazed with the results! (Ask Millie Mackintosh or Melissa Odabash about it). What inspired you to create Chris James Mind Body? Chris James Mind Body has come very naturally out of my own life experiences. Firstly there was India, where I lived during my 20’s and studied Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda. Then I had a very bad accident that left me with a broken neck and lots of other serious injuries. I recovered using the breathing, visualisation and meditation techniques that I had learned there. I then became a teacher to help others achieve optimal health and wellness. I loved creating programs for my one on one clients and around 2004 I created a program called the Chris James Mind Body “12Days” Cleanse which I used to give out to my clients in a shoe box and an A4 print out. What benefits will people feel from your cleanses?12 day cleanse  Weight loss!! (From a dress size).  Increase in energy levels physical and mental.  Improved skin, whiteness in retinas. One of my clients referred to it recently as a character cleanse. 12 days works like a metabolic overhaul – you’ll be amazed by the results!  How often should you cleanse?  You should do the 12 days cleanse with the shift in season.  So that’s 4 times yearly, and the 3R Cleanse every month to keep things moving... To find out more about the Chris James Cleanses we stock at EF MEDISPA, call us today on 0203 135 0020 or book a complimentary consultation here to talk about our other body cleanse packages.