As part of our expert panel series we spoke to skincare expert & Managing Director of Medico Beauty, Aysha Awwad. She fills us in on the best anti-ageing skincare ingredients, and how often you should be visiting clinics for facial treatments! What are the best ingredients to look for in my skincare when I have ageing skin? Aysha AwwadPremature aging skin is affected by multiple symptoms mainly caused by the loss of the ability to recovery from the daily micro injuries created by environmental damage. Scientific research has proven that active ingredient, Vitamin A, using two key derivatives, Retinaldehyde and Retinol can covert in the skin and fuel an increase in cellular renewal.  Working effectively to push out damaged skin cells and more importantly tackle melanocyte bunching which causes brown spots. If I had to choose one ingredient out of the bunch it would be a combination of a Vitamin A derivative with a delivery system that ensures effective penetration and assimilation. My hero ingredient from treatment line CosMedix is Vitamin A derivative called, LG-Retinex.  It is available in two strengths, which makes it possible to step up from an initial kick start by using Serum 16% then advancing to Serum 24%. Cosmedix Skincare Serum 16 The skin is a complex organ made up of many building blocks which draw and retain water for proper hydration. One of my favourite methods to tackle the symptom of dry skin at its root is also using LG Retinex. Over time the ingredient will seal the barrier function and prevent rapid water loss, reversing the very reason why dry skin occurs in the first place! What makes the formulation so brilliant is that it’s safe to use all over the face, including on thinner skin around the eyes and neck. So everyone gets the chance to address the places where lines often appear first. How regularly should I be having facials alongside my home-care regime? It is probably surprising to learn that I have to ensure I don’t forget to schedule regular treatments for myself.  This has actually been to my own detriment and I recently embarked upon following a treatment series to address some underlying issues with pigmentation. My experience has completely verified the reason why doing a monthly treatment is a game changer for anyone aged thirty-five plus.  In my opinion we should actually start to invest in monthly treatments from the age of thirty that detoxify as well as stimulate renewal. The stress of modern life is far more intense and it can be easy to underestimate the effect this has on your complexion. I advise doing a series of maintenance treatments. Three months prior to any big event these can be tailored to be more progressive and built up to a higher strength treatment. The key to success is doing little and often by combining regular monthly treatments with a mini daily treatment done at home. LED Luminous Lift If you have left it very last minute and are scheduled to attend a big occasion but don’t have very much time to turn back the clock, opt for supercharging, combination therapies such as a facial treatment done with LED therapy. The red light is one of the most effective ways to gently stimulate and refresh the skin without causing any downtime.  Some of the most beautiful and dewy complexions have been realised with this method and I always love to hear the positive feedback from clients and the compliments they have received from their friends. When traveling it is worthwhile to have a treatment done at least two weeks prior, then following your vacation two weeks afterwards. Immediately following sun exposure the skin can look great but it quickly unravels once back on home turf. It is particularly important to replenish with nourishing ingredients and help strengthen repair mechanism if you have not used adequate protection. To find out more about the different facial treatments we offer at EF MEDISPA, call us on 02031350246 or book a consultation here.
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