michelle As part of our expert panel series, we would like to introduce you to Michelle Sadiq, one of our expert Colonic Hydrotherapists. She will be giving you all the answers and information you need on this holistic body cleansing treatment.  Which symptoms can be alleviated by colonic hydrotherapy? Colonic hydrotherapy is a wonderful treatment that can help with a variety of different symptoms and concerns. We can group these into three main categories: The first one is probably the most obvious, and that is to help with any digestive issues one might have. Whether you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation or bloating, colonic hydrotherapy will help flush out the toxins in your colon and leave you feeling light and calm. It can also help if you suffer from fatigue or cravings. The second symptom, which not everybody realises is colonic hydrotherapy can help with is skin concerns. When the inside of your body is well looked after and clean, it will help keep your outer body by looking & feeling better too. Colonic hydrotherapy can help calm the effects of acne, eczema and rosacea. Finally, colonics are a great way to help you maintain an overall healthy diet and lifestyle. They are not just to be used to help cure problems, but to be used alongside a healthy diet to keep your body looking and feeling at its best! Which is the best season to have colonics? Colonics are great all year round especially during the times that you are having a pre or post-holiday cleanse, a colonic hydrotherapy course will be the ideal add-on to enhance your detox program. How does it work? Colonic hydrotherapy is a very safe and comfortable treatment using warm water along with fresh wheatgrass or coffee infusions that is flushed in and out in and out of your colon. Wheatgrass is a natural detoxifier, loaded with vitamins and minerals responsible for building red blood cells which carry oxygen to every cell and encourages colon healing. On the other hand, coffee will stimulate the liver and enhance its harmonious function. During the infusion I am also massaging the abdomen to further enhance the treatment. The colonic therapy will remove any unwanted toxins and work to hydrate and exercise your colon, leaving it much healthier. tummyWhat makes Pressure Point Colonics unique? The unique point of Pressure Point Colonics is the incorporation of Reflexology before or after the main colonic treatment. Some people may feel particularly stressed and tense before their treatment in which case a session of reflexology will help them relax and ease them into the treatment. Others would need it after as a way to calm their body’s and move on with their daily routine. Therefore the reflexology in conjunction with the herbal infusions will enhance the benefits of the treatment. What is the treatment room setup? Is there much privacy within the treatment? One of our main priorities is to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout your entire treatment, we do our best to make sure all of your needs are met within the treatment room. It is set up with its own private ensuite toilet and bathroom, and the treatment room itself has a lockable door so you do not have to worrying about any interruptions during your treatment. All equipment used is either disposable or sterilised to the highest standard, and the room is completely self-contained with no noise or smell. How long does the treatment take? The treatment takes 75 minutes, plus another 30-60 minutes if you decide to have reflexology alongside your colonic. What is the best time to have it done? I would always recommend to have your colonics at a time of the day when you're feeling relaxed and do not have any extreme work out planned after the treatment. During your consultation prior to your colonic hydrotherapy, we can discuss your lifestyle and together decide when would be the best time for you to have the treatment. appyDo I need to book a taxi home afterwards?  You should be absolutely fine to go anywhere and proceed with your normal routine after your colonic treatment. You will be given plenty of time to make sure your system has flushed all harmful toxins before leaving the clinic. Are there any specific aftercare program/tips I should follow? For any client who is having a colonic for the first time I will approach the treatment differently, ensuring they feel completely comfortable and I will tailor the amount of water used, along with the depth of the massage. It is always recommended that you rest after your colonic, and do not do intense exercise. It is normal to feel tired afterwards, and you should ensure you eat well as your blood sugar levels may be low. I often tell my clients to go home and enjoy a bowl of soup as a great way to relax.
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