Dressed to impress With Christmas just around the corner no doubt you have weeks of dinners, office parties and events to look forward to - but along with the party season comes any number of dress dilemmas, not to mention the quest for a complexion to dazzle your colleagues. To help you fit your beauty needs into your busy festive schedule, we give you the low down on fantastic 30 minute treatments for face and body. Revitalise your complexion Injectables are our most popular treatments for rejuvenating the appearance; the results our clients see speak for themselves. The ideal solution to smooth lines and wrinkles for up to five months. The treatments are carried out by an experienced Practitioner and involves very minor injections to the area. You can identify where you’d benefit from the procedure with your Practitioner during a thorough consultation and, as it only takes 30 minutes, you can have the treatment in your lunch hour, making your party ready in no-time. Look great and peel amazing It may seem that signs of ageing are more prominent in the face, but in fact, your neck and décolletage are two areas which can be the most revealing. Our exclusive Neckline Define Peel will not only help to smooth out the area, but give you firmer, toned skin – ideal for showing off in your favourite little black dress. The treatment works using a combination of specialist products applied to the area to boost the skin, followed by microneedling to stimulate the treated area. A course is recommended for optimum results, so book your consultation now to see results in time for Christmas. Look and feel healthy in your Christmas selfiePeople celebrating Christmas taking a selfie Late nights after work can take their toll not just on your skin but your overall wellbeing. EF MEDISPA’s IV Infusion treatments are here to help you through the party season with vitamin drips tailored to your specific needs - be they providing targeted immune support, hydration or rejuvenation after one too many glasses of bubbly. Experienced in the relaxing environment of our Drip & Chill Lounge, our bespoke IV Vitamin Infusions are administered by our specialist Practitioner and utilise vital vitamins to boost your system and give you that much needed pick me up mid party season. Woman with red lipstickTis the season to ... pucker up and party If your lips are showing their age, or you’re increasingly concerned about fine lines around your mouth, then Dermal Fillers could provide you with what you need to naturally enhance and redefine your lips for subtle, effective and long lasting results. After the treatment you will see results immediately, so kissing under the mistletoe will not be a problem. Define those thighs Even at the peak of fitness, our skin can still let us down and common problems such as cellulite cause confidence issues for many all year round, not just during party season. Radiofrequency can help to restore your body’s natural contour, giving you younger, smoother looking skin. By helping to restore your skin’s firmness, you’ll enjoy immediate results so you are ready to stun in your new cocktail dress. With so many great treatments available to get you party perfect in 30 minutes, why not book your pre-Christmas gift to yourself today! Take a look at our full range of treatments here.
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