At EF MEDISPA, we know how much acne can affect your life, it can often leave you feeling anxious and lacking the confidence to go out. By grading your acne problems from 0-4 you can assess how developed your acne is, starting with what is often called pre-acne right through to severe and spreading acne. Through grading your acne you can have a better understanding of your skin, and what you can do to help it. Take a look below to assess your acne grade.

Acne Grades

acne grades 0 - Follicular Hyperkeratosis This is one of the first signs of excessive keratin development in sebaceous follicles. You will see rough papules that are usually cone shaped and have small deposits of sebum at their opening 1 - Comedones and papules Comedones are lesions that are generally not inflamed and can be open (blackheads) or closed (whiteheads). Papules are small, skin-coloured bumps that typically appear on the forehead and chin. 2 - Superficial papules and pustules When you have a lot of small skin-coloured bumps known as papules together in one area they begin to look like a rash, you may also notice white bumps surrounded by reddish skin. The latter are pustules, pus-filled papules, which present as inflamed red bumps with yellow or white centres. 3 - Deep pustules and nodules  Larger, painful bumps that go deeper into the skin than pustules and papules are acne nodules. These can take several weeks or months to properly surface and can harden over time. They frequently leave deep scars and nodules can worsen when squeezed or cause infections. 4 - Nodules, cysts and scars Severe acne cases are likely to feature cysts alongside nodules and scarring. Cysts are filled with pus like pustules are but they are larger and more painful. Again, squeezing can cause deep infections and inflammation. You may notice nodules, cysts and scars spreading onto your neck, back, upper chest and beyond.

Introducing Acnelan

acnelan-treatmentEF MEDISPA, always in the forefront of skincare, is proud to introduce Acnelan! A non-invasive clinical treatment and advanced home care program that can calm acne-prone and seborrhoeic skin. This revolutionary treatment works to remove impurities and improve the overall texture, resulting in a clearer, smoother skin. Acnelan is both relaxing and beneficial, using active ingredients that give long term results. Take your first step to acne free skin by booking a free no obligation consultation with one of our expert Treatment Coordinators today! Click here for more information on our Acnelan treatment or choose between one of our range of Acne Treatments
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