Today is International Women’s Day and to celebrate, we interviewed EF MEDISPA’s very own founder and girl boss, Esther Fieldgrass.

Esther Fieldgrass - Founder of EF Medispa

Esther founded EF MEDISPA over 10 years ago, the first medical spa in the UK. Esther first became interested in healing therapies when she lived in Hong Kong, were she became a certified Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master.

Over the past four decades, Esther has helped both men and women regain their confidence and feel more beautiful in and out. She has since applied her healing skills and knowledge into the beauty industry, using innovative treatments and methods to help more women and men.

Self-love is key for us to feel confident and positive. Research has found that mindfulness training not only helps our own brain, but the ways in which we engage with others and our work, as well as helping us to remain calm in difficult situations. How do you practice self-care? And what would you recommend to someone who is just starting?
I meditate twice a day in the morning and evening to clear my mind and destress the body. But if you’re only starting, fifteen minutes of mindfulness a day is great for self-care – it could even be in the evening soaking in bath salts to detox and relax the mind and body.
I always say healthy mind, healthy body. Gut health and nutrition are also key: What you put into your body also impacts your mind and skin.

What product or treatment do you believe has made a difference in treating different skin concerns?
Nowadays, with the advances of technology, there are so many products and treatments that can help numerous of conditions such as pigmentation, acne and scarring. However, I still do think laser technology is one of my favourites.

Esther Fieldgrass - Founder of EF Medispa

What one facemask you can’t live without?
I love the CosMedix Bio-Shape Firming Face Mask. My face feels so smooth, hydrated and firm after I use this. We are hosting an event with CosMedix on the 16th and 23rd of March in our Richmond clinic, were men and women can enjoy a mini facial, receive expert advice and take home an amazing goodie bag full of CosMedix Products! 

What personal achievements are you most proud of?
My two sons!

Lastly, what advice would you give to women today?
Be proud of your accomplishments and always believe in yourself! Other people won’t necessarily do it better than you.


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