Many of us feel the effects of tiredness and fatigue, especially when we’re working long days, and trying to fit in our social lives around that. Although most of us know we all need a good night’s sleep, this isn’t always achievable, and in some cases, it’s not necessarily our lack of sleep that is causing us to feel tired. In this blog, we consider the different causes of tiredness and fatigue and how you can best combat them.

Is there such thing as beauty sleep?

Beauty SleepYes, although sleep may not be the sole reason you feel tired or fatigued, it can play a big role. There are some small steps you can take to ensure the quality of your sleep is optimal. One of these includes trying to get the same amount of sleep each night, roughly going to bed and waking up at the same time. By having a sleep routine your body is better adjusted, and can really help you to not feel so tired on a day-to-day basis. Another way to get extra beauty sleep is through napping. However, we know that it isn’t always convenient to take a nap, nor can we always justify giving up an hour of our day to sleep. But you needn’t worry as we have come up with a better solution. One of our favourite ways to have a quick kip, is by drifting off whilst having a relaxing facial. Visit us for some TLC and enjoy one of our bespoke Biologique Recherche facials and forget about your daily stresses. Unwind and let yourself drift off into a light slumber whilst our expert therapists work their magic. Leave looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Inner YogiFind your inner Yogi

Regular exercise is a key attribute towards our tiredness, and yoga is a great practice to help increase your energy levels naturally. There are many different yoga poses that can help with fatigue. If your fatigue is bought on by stress then this can also be a wonderful way for reducing your stress levels, which in turn will help to increase your energy. We recommend practicing yoga once a week to help improve your energy and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Energy boosting treatments

If you’re looking for a treatment that gives you the opportunity to sit back and relax for twenty minutes, whilst also working to boost your energy levels than look no further than our IV Vitamin Infusions. Enter our Drip & Chill lounge and get hooked up to an IV drip full of a bespoke blend vitamins and minerals that will enter your bloodstream intravenously. Vitamins are known to help increase energy levels and improve your skin, hair and nails.

Reduce the appearance of tirednessTear Trough Dermal Filler Treatment Before and After

Unfortunately, as we age, and sometimes due to our genetics we suffer from dark circles underneath the eyes. Although we may not be tired, aesthetically, these can give us the appearance of looking tired and drained. Our Tear Trough Dermal Filler is a great treatment to undergo if you’re suffering from dark circles or tired, sunken eyes. Our expert Nurse and Doctor Practitioners will inject the hyaluronic acid dermal filler into the area under the eyes to give the appearance of youthful, and rejuvenated eyes. To find out more about the treatments mentioned in this blog call us today on 020 3811 2727. Or book a complimentary consultation with our Treatment Coordinator to discuss our different treatment options for combating tiredness.
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