How to improve your skincare routine We all have our daily routine and more importantly our daily skincare routine. We’re so comfortable with it that we never stop to question any part of it or actively look to change it. We know change can be hard so instead of changing your skincare routine dramatically, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to improve your skincare routine.    

Wear SPF

In a recent Twitter poll with our followers, we found that 56% do not wear sun protection during the winter. Although the sun is not visible, it’s still very present and it’s UV rays are just as strong. You may not think much of using it now, but the more you do to protect your skin now, the more beneficial it will be in the years to come. Try introducing a new SPF moisturiser to your skincare routine, we sell a range of SPF products at our EF MEDISPA clinics and DermaQuest SunArmor SPF 50 is the perfect product for protection and hydration as it promotes collagen production, leaving you with brighter skin throughout the seasons.  

Drink more water, have less sugar

How to improve your skincare routine Although it’s an obvious one, many of us struggle to drink enough water to keep our skin hydrated, healthy and looking fresh. The recommended amount is 8 glasses of water a day which will help to remove the toxins from the body. You lose water throughout the day through urine and bowl movements so replenishing this is essential, especially for maintaining moisture in the skin. By consuming enough water on a daily basis, your skin will thank you in the long run,. Along with drinking more water, it’s also important to cut down on your sugar intake. Why not take a break from any sugary treats or foods which are high in sugar content and see the difference it makes to your skin.  

How to improve your skincare routineWash off that makeup!

For many of us, part of our daily routine is applying makeup. The most important part of makeup on your skin is removing it properly. Our skin regenerates itself while we sleep, and if you don’t wash your face properly before heading to bed, your pours will be clogged with the makeup and your skin will struggle to breath. We would recommend getting yourself a bespoke facial at least every month to fix any of your skin’s problems. This will give your skin the chance to start from fresh and achieve glowing, plumped and hydrating results.  

Get enough sleep and pay attention to your pillow

Sleep has a significant impact on our skin, especially around our eyes. It’s a time for us to recharge our batteries both mentally and physically, a lack of sleep can make us look tired and in time, cause us to look older than we are with dark circles, sunken eyes, fine lines and wrinkles. If you find yourself worrying about these areas of concern, click here to see a number of treatment options. Your pillow is also important in improving your skincare routine. Changing the texture of your pillowcase from cotton to silk can have benefits to both your skin and hair. Silk is a much more smoother texture than cotton and causes less friction to your skin and hair when your moving around in your sleep, causing less irritation to your skin that you didn’t even realise was happening.  Cotton is also more likely to draw in moister from your skin than silk, meaning it holds more bacteria and dirt, also impacting your skin causing possible breakouts.  

Don’t forget your neck and chest

Your skin doesn’t stop at your face. It’s common for us to forget to extend our cleansing, toning and moisturising to our neck and chest area. This area is sometimes just as exposed as our face so it’s important to keep it protected and hydrated.  For our top treatments for your delicate décolletage, click here. Try and incorporate some if these changes into your skincare routine and you may see the results you’ve been looking for.
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