The supportive tissues that help to keep your skin smooth and tight are collagen and elastin. These tissues are essential for healthy and youthful looking skin. Over time, ageing and sun damage can cause these two important proteins to break down. When this happens, the skin around your face and neck can appear wrinkled and saggy.

Sagging Skin after treatment

Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent your skin from sagging and keep your skin looking smoother for longer. Before we share our expert advice, let’s take a look at what causes your skin to sag in the first place...

What is sagging skin?

Sagging skin is caused by loose pockets of skin that occur due to the loss of fat around the face. The most common areas to find sagging skin on the face are around the cheek and jaw area. This can result in fine lines appearing between the nose and mouth, which can result in ‘jowls’ developing.

What causes sagging skin?

Ageing: One of the main causes of sagging skin is ageing. As we age, our skin tends to produce less collagen and elastin, which reduces the skin’s plump and youthful appearance.

Lifestyle: Smoking and a poor diet are two lifestyle factors that can contribute to damaged, lined and sagging skin.

Weight loss: Weight loss can cause the skin to lose definition in the face and neck area, resulting in a loose and saggy appearance.

Sun exposure: Excessive sun exposure can result in many forms of skin damage, including increased wrinkles and sagging. The use of sun cream is essential and this should be applied on a daily basis, even if the weather is cloudy. Sun cream keeps the skin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays and sun damage. Our top sun protection product is the Sunshine Block SPF 50+ from OMNI by Esther. It contains a combination of clinically proven filters to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays and will leave your skin feeling soothed and hydrated.

Sagging Skin treatment
OMNI by Esther Sunshine Block SPF 50+

What treatments can reduce sagging skin on face?

There are many different surgical and non-surgical technologies and treatments available that can improve loose and sagging skin. At EF MEDISPA we offer a range of skin tightening treatments that can help to stimulate the production of collagen and improve the skin’s texture.

Here are our top five recommended treatments that can help reduce sagging skin:

Radiofrequency - This treatment can help to firm, lift and shape the skin, using a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound technology. These technologies work in sync by using heat to target the outer layer of skin, where the sagging skin and fine lines are visible. Radiofrequency can also help to reduce the appearance of droopy jowls for a better defined, younger looking jawline. Radiofrequency treatments can also help to prevent the acceleration of the ageing process and further loss of laxity.

Dermapen - This is a revolutionary skin repair treatment that can help to significantly improve the appearance of ageing and sagging skin. It uses microscopic needles to gently puncture the skin. This causes the skin to react by naturally releasing healing collagen and elastin to repair itself. Due to Dermapen’s effective skin lifting and firming results, it can be an excellent solution to treat the many common signs of ageing on the face and body.   

Microfirm - This is a highly effective, non-surgical alternative to a face lift, that works to tighten loose pockets of skin on the face. Microfirm is an advanced micro-needling treatment that combines the exceptional powers of micro-needling and radiofrequency technology to offer an effective solution to ageing and sagging skin.

Sagging Skin treatment

Mesotherapy - This is another non-surgical skin treatment that uses the micro-needle method, but with this treatment nourishing vitamins and minerals are injected into the skin. These work deep down for maximum results, helping to soften wrinkles and fine lines, whilst  replenishing your skin.

Pixel Laser - This innovative laser treatment cleverly tricks the skin into thinking it is wounded, which triggers the production of new collagen to replace the damaged skin cells. This skin resurfacing treatment is an effective way to combat the common signs of ageing, tighten loose skin and even reduce enlarged pores.

When deciding to proceed with any of these treatments, you should be certain about your choice of clinic and practitioner. Here at EF MEDISPA our carefully selected team will ensure that your safety, comfort and happiness are their priority, from your initial consultation through to the completion of your treatment.

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