When your skin needs some care and attention, it will let you know in a variety of ways. Blocked pores, acne and dry flaky skin are all common skin problems that occur as a result of environmental factors, hormones and the use of harsh ingredients on the skin. But what about when you want to manage skin concerns such as moles, cysts or warts?dermatology patient and doctor

We offer a range of products and services that can be used to address skin concerns such as moles, cysts and warts. With our dermatology services, you can improve the overall look of your skin. Let’s take a look at some of the common concerns and how exactly EF MEDISPA can make a difference for you:

Warts & Verrucas

Warts and verrucas can often cause discomfort depending on where this has developed, it can also affect your self-confidence if in a prominent or visible area. If you would like to undertake removal treatment for a wart or verruca, we would recommend having Wart Removal treatment either in the form of excision where we can carefully cut or excise with minor surgery, or cryotherapy that will freeze them with liquid nitrogen and cause them to gradually flake or peel away; it’s as simple as that.

Lipomas & Cysts

The appearance of a lipoma or cyst under the skin can cause discomfort and are generally harmless, caused by blocked glands or fatty tissue that has formed. We understand that depending on where these are located on your body, they may affect your confidence, and we can help with their removal.

Lipomas can be surgically removed with minimal excision where the lump is carefully cut and then closed with stitching. The alternative would be liposuction to remove the fatty lump by way of a small incision and then suction to remove. A cyst, similarly, would be carefully removed via a small incision also, to ensure they do not become infected or ruptured, resulting in a quick and satisfying result.

Moles & Skin Tags

Moles and skin tags are common conditions found on the skin. If you often experience discomfort and desire their removal, the treatment is straightforward. If you have concerns with certain moles, no matter the size and shape, we can check these to ascertain if they are benign, with skin tags considered harmless also. We understand that depending on where they have developed they can affect your self-confidence, which is why we can assist with their removal.

Both can feel irritated against clothing, depending on their size and protrusion. If you wanted to have a mole removed either for cosmetic or health reasons, they can either be shaved, which is a fast and painless method, or through excision for any flat moles. Skin tags similarly can be removed by excision, which is quick, or through cryotherapy where the skin tag is frozen then removed. Either method will remove them from your skin for good, with the bonus of minimal downtime.

Keloid Scars

If you have damaged the skin from a cut, burn or wound and this has healed leaving a scar that has discoloured and not faded (sometimes turning red or brown in colour), you may have felt nothing can be done to reverse it. That’s where our Keloid Scar Treatment can assist.

With the help of steroid injections, a keloid scar can be removed easily with a quick procedure normally under half an hour. Corticosteroid injections are applied to the scarred area which then breaks down the collagen, leaving the appearance of the scarring at a minimum. This will leave you with more skin confidence, especially if the scar was in a prominent and noticeable area.

Doctor examining melanoma, using dermatoscope, copy space

Skin Confidence Experts at EF MEDISPA

We want to promote skin confidence, with our range of Dermatology treatments designed to achieve this. Whatever your concerns, speak to us today and we’ll see how we can assist you in taking back control of your skin and leave you with a smile on your face that lasts.

For more information on our Dermatology treatments, click on the links above. To book a one to one consultation with one of our highly trained experts here at EF MEDISPA, contact us today.

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