With the opening date for our new Canary Wharf clinic less than a month away, we have been spending a lot of time enjoying the area and its hidden health and beauty treasures! We give you all you need to know on a few of the beauty spots we love... Get active woman-weight Not to be missed on your journey around Canary Wharf is the Virgin Active Health Club. It truly is a real oasis of wellbeing and fitness, offering a gym, infinity pool, tennis court and a whole host of classes. After your workout, chill in the lounges and even browse the web if you want to catch up on some social networking.  There is a great area to eat and to top it all, a sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy pool and a health & beauty spa complete the picture. iStock_000052859852_LargeEat healthy If you simply want to feast on some fresh organic foods, then CPRESS needs to be on your list to visit. They supply a great variety of items and you will always find something on the menu to suit special dietary requirements, such as wheat, gluten and dairy free choices.  Keep healthy and give your taste buds a real treat by popping in now. Get made up If make up is your thing, then MAC Cosmetics can also be found at Canary Wharf. With a superb make up range formerly on offer only to make up artists, you will find all the items that you need without having to make a trip to the large department stores. Be spoilt for choice with all of your favourites and many more, including lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, nail polishes and mascaras. They even have a range of stage make up, skin care items and wonderful perfumes. Blow it! iStock_000028393676_Large If you truly are in a rush but want to look your absolute best for a special occasion, then BLOW LTD should be where you are at!  It can only be described as the perfect ‘fast beauty’ haunt.  You can book for a blow-dry, make up or nail treatment, arrange for a visit to your home or office or simply shop and stock up on some essential beauty products. It is the perfect destination to arrive at feeling lack lustre and leave looking absolutely amazing! Get your vitamin boost at EF MEDISPA Canary Wharf Medispa-89This summer, we are delig hted to offer our famous Drip & Chill IV Vitamin Infusion Lounge to Canary Wharf! Our exciting IV Vitamin menu is now available to hard working city workers, helping them to replenish vitamin levels and ease symptoms of fatigue from long hours in the office. The Infusions are bespoke to your needs, using our advanced prescription system to establish the vitamins you are in need of. Once you have been assessed, you simply lie back and relax whilst the vitamin infusion enters your bloodstream. EF MEDISPA Canary Wharf will also offer our extensive range of specialist facial injectibles. Feel at ease in our professional clinic environment for a personalised consultation where you can discuss your requirements and establish a bespoke treatment plan.    
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