EF MEDISPA introduces LIFT & GLOW, a unique facial from leading facialist Abigail James


Abigail James has worked with EF MEDISPA's founder and our highly experienced therapists to develop the exclusive Lift & Glow facial. The facial combines our award winning technology and Abigail's unique massaging techniques. that combines sculpt, lift and leave your complexion glowing.

To celebrate the launch of this new collaboration, we would like to invite you to join us at our launch event on Monday 24th of June at our Richmond clinic. 

During the event enjoy a live demo of the Lift & Glow facial, Q&A session with Abigail James and Esther Fieldgrass, Receive a goodie bag, enjoy treats and a glass of bubbly (or two!) VIP tickets are also available. Limited slots available, so don’t forget to buy your tickets to avoid disappointment. You can purchase your tickets here or join our competition for a chance to win two VIP tickets! Enter here.

1. Tell us about yourself?

I retrained as a therapist after I had my first daughter when I was 23, I was originally in the food industry. I started studying beauty therapy at night school for 2 years then full time for the following year to gain my NVQ3. From there I have worked, parented and continued learning in many different therapies, from sports massage, to advanced peeling methods. I used to teach baby massage within my local doctors surgery and was focused very much on the hands on skills then because fascinated with ingredients and skin so very much focused on growing this side of my knowledge.

Abigail James Training our Therapists

2. What attracted you to EF MEDISPA?

EF MEDIPSA have been pioneers within the advanced beauty sector, I love the combination of for-front technology with great skincare.

3. What started your interest in the beauty industry?

After having my daughter, I suffered quite extreme post-natal depression, I needed something to focus on, I had a friend who was a therapist and she would come and do treatments on me, and I just loved the process, how it made me feel and just found it fascinating. So, the learning and then treating others and helping others became a huge part of my recovery.

4. How long have you been performing facials for?

I’m guessing almost 20 years but really focused for 15.

5. What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Making people feel good about themselves

6. How did you discover the The Abigail James Signature Facial?

It’s been over a decade in the making, as I have continued to learn methods and work with clients it has developed and evolved over time. I have designed face and body treatments for a number of brands and spas around the world, so I have shared some of my knowledge, but my signature methods are quite unique. My ethos is all about the whole person which clients kept asking me to share in a book, so I did!

7. What is one thing you always recommend to your clients?

Start with the best cleanser, morning and night and don't leave a facial any longer than a 3 month gap, we are back at starting point.

8. What is the Abigail James For EF MEDISPA, Lift & Glow Facial? (what concerns does it target?)

I wanted to create something that targets some of the most common ageing concerns in a luxury treatments but still achieving results.

Lifting and tightening facial contours with Radio frequency, which if I had a favourite facial technology this might very well be it! Smoothing and refreshing the skins surface and cell turnover with a really gentle enzyme and lactic peel, with lots of nourishment to keep the skin plump and hydrated.

9. How long will the Lift & Glow facial take?

75 minutes

10. Who can have this facial?

It’s actually suitable for most skin types and ages, it’s probably not the best choice if you are experiencing acne. Ideal for a pre- event as a one off and for longer term results if had as a course.

11. Who can have this facial?

No downtime, you might look a little rosy and skin feel a little warm but generally the skin look radiance after. Because there is a mild peel Using a gentle cleanser for the following 3 days is essential along with an SPF.

Abigail and the EF MEDISPA Richmond team

12. When will clients see results?

You definitely get an immediate glow and lift of contour, I find the skin looks and feels goof for the following week and the collagen stimulation from the Radio frequency peeks in 4 – 6 week’s time so its definitely a facial that continues to do its job long after the treatment and why it can work so well in giving a really lovely result with a course.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Lift & Glow, give us a call on 
0208 003 1130  or click here to book a complimentary consultation.

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