MarijaWe would like to introduce you all to Marija our lovely new therapist at Canary Wharf. Marija joined us this September and will be performing some of our best face and body treatments for all our clients in Canary Wharf. We’re excited to announce we will now be offering Peels, Facials, Reduce by Vanquish, Mesotherapy and the LED Luminous Lift at our Canary Wharf clinic. To get to know Marija a little bit better we’ve asked her to fill us in on her favourite treatment, skincare routine and any beauty tips she has for us!

What’s your favourite treatment?

Mesotherapy My favourite treatments are Mesotherapy and Anti-Wrinkle Injectables. Mesotherapy is amazing as you can see an instant improvement after just 1 treatment. Mesotherapy is suitable for treating different parts of the face and body, as well as different skin conditions. It is wonderful for your face as it gives you an amazing glow, encourages collagen production and is very hydrating for the skin. On the body it can be used for firming and lifting, making it a great treatment for cellulite. Anti-Wrinkle Injectables are my other favourite, they're a great preventative treatment. They help to relax the muscles on your face, stopping lines and wrinkles from forming.

Dermaquest SkincareWhat’s your skincare routine?

I love to start my skincare routine by cleansing with a Glycolic cleanser, it leaves my skin nice and clean, plus it has a great firming and lifting effect. Dermaquest B5 Hydrating serum is my go-to favourite product at the moment as I suffer from quite dry skin and this serum gives such a good boost of hydration to it. After applying my B5 Hydrating serum my skin looks glowing and hydrated. Lastly, I will apply Dermaquest SheerZinc SPF to protect my skin from sun damage.

Top beauty tip

Take care of yourself from the inside out. Make sure you keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water as dehydration will show on your skin. It is also imperative to ensure you use products which are suitable for your skin, this will help keep you looking younger and better for longer! To find out more about the treatments we offering at Canary Wharf please call us on 0207 048 0488 or book a complimentary consultation here.
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