Great skinWe here at EF always like to have our finger on the pulse and are constantly seeking out new treatments and methods to make our clients’ look and feel better and better. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce our Jet Facial, will now be available in our Canary Wharf clinic, as well as our St Johns Wood clinic. While it’s not exactly a private jet, it is a technique we like to call hydradermabrasion. Yes, you guessed it – this new treatment is a cross between water therapy and microdermabrasion and it’s the perfect way to get nourished, glowing skin as we head into deepest, darkest winter. Essentially, a handheld probe is used to release a jet of saline solution onto the skin surface to remove dead, dull cells from the stratum corneum. A bespoke blend of vitamins is then blasted onto the skin to deeply, repair, rejuvenate, hydrate and restore it. Jet Facial - HydradermabrasionThe Jet Facial is ideal for pepping the complexion up after summer as it starts to get dry and sensitive with all the to-ing and fro-ing between the cold weather outside and central heated rooms inside. It’s also lovely and relaxing! I’d recommend having it once a month to maintain your glow. Or tailor make your own combination treatment plan and alternate it with either 3D SkinLift by Ultraformer – or with mesotherapy to deliver even more nutrients to the skin. You could even switch between all three on a regular basis for the ultimate winter skin-winner! To find out more about our Jet Facial, or to book a complimentary consultation call us today on 0203 135 0246.
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