Is My Skin Stressed? How CosMedix Can Help Lockdown Skin During quarantine, skin seems to be at the forefront of most people’s concerns. As you spend more time inside you might see your skin becoming dry and dull. On top of this, according to The Independent, alcohol use has risen during the lockdown and bundle this with the rise in stress levels, leads us to believe there will be an increase in cases of rosacea. This week on Instagram Live, our founder Esther Fieldgrass, discussed with CosMedix expert Aysha Awwad, about how our skin can be getting progressively worse during the national lockdown and how CosMedix’s range of natural skin care products can help.

Why CosMedix?

CosMedix believes that when your skin shows signs of stress, it is usually down to an underlying problem which can take each person time to figure out. An example of where this applies is in acne cases - by digesting better food, you can really help with acne. But without realising this, you start to get stressed and your levels of stress show on your skin – "it’s basically like an endless loop", Aysha Awwad explains. CosMedix uses ingredients that derive from plants, making them naturally hydrating and refreshing. Thanks to their intricate attention to ingredients, you won’t need to apply too many products to your skin, allowing your skin to naturally breath as long as you use a cleanser on a regular basis. Aysha also recommends utilising a cleanse in the evening on top of your normal morning cleanse. Not just because this will really help clean your skin but it’s also therapeutic. A double cleanse allows you to sleep clean where your skins natural regenerative process will take place overnight, and overtime leads to better results.

How CosMedix Can Help Acne & Adult Acne

During quarantine, a lot of us are finding our eating habits changing, usually for the worse. We find ourselves snacking a lot more than usual which can lead to adult acne. How CosMedix Can Help Acne & Adult Acne What makes CosMedix’s acne products different is that they actively fight inflammation and not just oily skin. Aysha tells us that their “hero product” for acne is their well-loved Clarity Anti-Blemish Serum. This unique and natural acne treatment features 1% retinol and won’t cause more irritation, which is what a lot of other products seem to do. This brilliant acne serum targets the 5 main factors in acne formation and with dedicated use will diminish the appearance of acne scarring. It reduces inflammation by diminishing sebum which encourages healthy cell proliferation that can otherwise lead to a blockage forming. This acne serum is made to last; you only need to use it sparingly with 1-2 pumps in the evening after you cleanse thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients.

CosMedix For Anti-aging

The key to anti-ageing is to start using anti-ageing skincare products when you’re young, as discussed in a recent EF Skin blog post “How to Stop Premature Ageing Whilst Building a Radiant Complexion”. But, if you’re past this point, it’s not too late to create a timeless look either! CosMedix For Anti-aging As you get older, naturally you will start to have hormonal shifts such as oestrogen levels dropping which may lead to rosacea even though you may have stopped drinking and develop a better sleeping pattern than you would have when you were younger. Aysha recommends using CosMedix Pure Enzymes Exfoliating Mask. This face mask harnesses the natural power of cranberry enzymes and L-Lactic Acid. Over time this will gently dissolve away facial impurities and decongest blocked pores. To use, simply smooth a thin layer all over the clean and dry skin and leave for 3-15 minutes (1 minute for sensitive skin), this can be used one to two times a week.

What If I’m Pregnant?

During pregnancy, your skin can suffer from a plethora of issues and finding the correct beauty product for your skin gets increasingly hard. This can be due to some ingredients not being particularly safe for pregnant women such as retinol. Instead, opt for CosMedix Defy Age Management Exfoliator. This unique formula includes three different types of acids to help treat each of the layers of your skin. A great alternative to Peels, this exfoliator should be used at night before you sleep. Using before you sleep boosts your skins natural regenerative process.

Other CosMedix Products

CosMedix is one of ours and our client’s favourite skincare brands. Their collection includes unique formulas that target wrinkles, brown spots, enlarged pores, pigmentation, mature & thin skin and acne. All CosMedix Products Discover the entire CosMedix collection at EF SKIN here and get free shipping with all orders over £100.

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