Health TipsDuring the summer months we all spend a lot more time outdoors, soaking up the sun on warm evenings, al fresco dining in the garden and taking long walks in the park. However Mother Nature isn’t always so kind to us, there are more bees and wasps about, meaning we’re more susceptible to getting stung, along with other unfortunate accidents that can happen. To make sure you know what to do next time you’re picked on by nature, our health expert and Colonic Hydrotherapist Victoria Cooper gives you her health tips for summer!

Bee & wasp stings

BumblebeeHave you been stung by a wasp drunk on ripe fruit from the bushes and trees whilst on a summer picnic? The best thing to do is take some white vinegar and cotton pads along in a small container in the picnic basket, and dab it on the sting.  This works to help minimise the pain and swelling. If it’s a bee that has come along and stung you then the best thing to do is dab some bicarbonate of soda on a damp cotton pad and place over the sting. The reason for this is that wasp stings are alkaline and require acid to soothe them, whereas bee stings are acid, and therefore need to be counteracted with alkaline.

Blackberry bush splinters

If you’ve been taking a leisurely walk through fields and been pricked by a blackberry bush then there is a much simpler and effective cure over the “burning match with needle” trick. We recommend using clove oil. Let a few drops fall onto where the splinter entered the skin. After a few minutes re-apply and soon enough the splinter will fall out on its own.

Oven burns

This is one tip that can be used all year round, but can be especially helpful during summer if you’re having company over for dinner. If you’ve slightly burnt yourself whilst taking a hot tray or dish out the oven then the best thing you can do is slather some runny honey over the burn. This prevents oxygen from reaching the wound (helping to keep it sterile), and reduces the pain. However please note if the burn is more serious, it may need urgent medical attention.

Keep smelly feet at bay feet

When it’s hot outside you will often find yourself perspiring, especially your feet if you’re doing lots of walking. But if you want to keep your feet smelling sweet during the warmer months then put a few drops of peppermint oil onto your shoes and sandals to help keep any bad smells from surfacing. Thank you Victoria, for giving us some great tips on natural remedies. If you’re interested in your inner health and want to find out more about our health and well being treatments, including our Colonic Hydrotherapy at Chelsea & St Johns Wood then call us on 020 3135 0246 or book a complimentary consultation here.
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