We recently interviewed our client, Barbara Smith* to discuss her recent surgery experience with us at EF MEDISPA!

What’s your name and how old are you?
My name is Barbara Smith* and I am 50 years old.

What procedure did you have?
I had Liposuction in my stomach and back, a Tummy-Tuck (Abdominoplasty), and Fat Transfer to the bum (Brazilian Butt-Lift) with Dr. Christopher Johnsson at EF MEDISPA

Before considering the surgical procedure, did you explore other avenues?
I did a lot of research before having my procedure, I spoke with several reputable clinics to make sure I was in the best hands. After speaking with the  team at EF MEDISPA meeting the treatment coordinator and surgeon, Dr. Christopher Johnsson, I had total faith in EF MEDISPA!

How did you find the process? Was it painful?
I have to say I found the process quite exciting! Obviously, I had nerves surrounding the surgery, but the staff made me feel very calm and relaxed through it all.  
I experienced slight discomfort after the surgery for a couple of weeks (2 – 3). It was a weird sensation, specially getting used to wearing the garment, but once my body got used to it, I went back to work and carried on with my daily life.

Did you experience any swelling or scarring from the procedure?
No, I didn’t experience any swelling. I do have some scarring but it’s very minimal and can be hidden with my underwear. I can see that it's very neat and it's still in the healing process! Once I am all healed, I am planning to go back to EF MEDISPA so they can help me get rid of my scars.

At what stage did you start to see results?
Immediately after the procedure. I was so pleased with the results!

Did you receive any aftercare treatments or products to help support your recovery?
Yes, one treatment was lymphatic drainage massage which helps to unclog trapped proteins and toxins. I also had weekly and monthly check ups with the nurses and Dr. Johnsson.  I am really looking forward to treating my scars and reducing their appearance with the treatments available at EF MEDISPA!

Have you experienced much downtime following the treatment?
My downtime was slightly longer than I anticipated, however I was still able to get on with my daily activities. I had to cut down on physical exercise for the first weeks in order to allow my body to heal. I think because you are so excited, you naturally want to get back to everything as you want to show off your new body!

Fat Transfer to the bum

What advice would you give to those considering undergoing the procedure?
Firstly, I would have to say if you want it, just go for it! Do it for you! It’s so exciting going to the shops and buying new clothes.  I love looking at myself in the mirror, and my only regret is not having done it before.
Lastly, after you get your surgery, just be patient! Part of getting the best results for your body, is looking after yourself during the recovery. I am so thrilled with my results!

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*The name has been changed to keep her identity private.

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