In today's blog we will be discussing all things OMNI with our brand ambassadors Daniela, Mukky and Emani! They will be discussing the coveted OMNI step system kit, their favourite products from the range! To find out more, continue reading below... Tell us about yourself... Daniela: Hello, my name is Daniela, I am a senior receptionist at Chelsea Clinic. I have worked at EF MEDISPA for 18 months. Mukky: Hi, my name is Mukky. I am the front of house manager at EF MEDISPA Richmond. I’v been with the company since November 2017. Emani: Hi, my name is Emani and I have been working as a receptionist at EF MEDISPA St John’s Wood for over 2 years! OMNI by EstherWhat do you love most about the OMNI range? Daniela: The Omni range is very simple and easy to use! It is the perfect step system kit that addresses a wide variety of skin types and ages. Emani: I love that the products have multiple benefits, each product doesn’t just do one thing. Each product targets more than one concern – which is great! Mukky: I completely agree! Instead of having to use 5 or more products for both morning and night, OMNI has combined all the key ingredients in to a simple easy to use range and routine. It’s so easy to use! What is your favourite OMNI product? Emani: I love the tinted SPF mixed with the normal SPF – it’s like a tinted moisturiser! Perfect for when I don’t want to wear a full face of make-up but still want to give myself a little glow. Mukky: I would have to say the SPF and Vitamin D spray, simply because no other brand that I know of provides you with an oral vitamin D spray when you purchase an SPF. Daniela: My favourite product has to be the Sunshine Block CC30! It is so smooth and silky on the skin. It works amazingly well when combined with my foundation, I use it every day - I just love it! OMNI by Esther As we approach the end of summer, several clients may be experiencing dry skin and lacklustre complexion. What product from the range would you recommend? Daniela: I would recommend two products, firstly the Serum AM, as this helps to hydrate and give the skin a dewy glow, it also contains Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. This helps to give the skin added radiance as well as helping to fight ageing in the skin. Secondly, I would recommend the Cream PM, as this helps to stimulate exfoliation and new cell turnover in the skin, which is very important for a healthy radiant skin. What OMNI product would you recommend for clients who are starting to notice the first signs of ageing and why? Emani: The Serum AM is perfect! The serum contains hyaluronic acid which targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The serum is not only light, but it actively works to enhance and protect your skin. What product from the range would you consider a daily essential? Mukky: SPF is an every day essential! It’s light weight, non-congesting and a bonus for me. My makeup sits perfectly on top. OMNI by EstherShop the Omni by Esther range exclusively within EF MEDISPA clinics and
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