Linda JoyceIt comes with great pleasure to announce that my friend, life coach and astrologer, Linda Joyce will be in town from May 9 - 26th. If you would like to book in for a reading with her then please contact Naomi on 020 7122 4912. Here is Linda's insights for this month.   If you’ve been wondering what is behind our crazy times, then perhaps astrology can add a little insight into the challenge. I don’t have to tell you that we’re in a state of transition; no let’s call it radical change. The shift and shake-ups haven’t settled yet; so don’t frame the picture of your life just yet. At the end of the year two major planets will change signs, once they settle into their new environment we may begin to see through the fog. There are two types of planets, personal and outer. The personal planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury), rule the individual and the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune) rule us collectively and socially. It is the outer planets that cause the big problems, especially when they interact among themselves. Let’s start with the most benevolent of the challenging aspects:  Jupiter opposite Uranus. Jupiter will change signs on October 11th, but for the last year it has been pushing you to examine your independence. Can you be selfish or are you too selfish? Either extreme creates isolation and a feeling of emptiness. Often this is thought to be fixed by working harder or blaming others for not giving us what we think we need. The solution is to put yourself first and find balance in your life, then helping others will not only be easy but it will bring you great satisfaction. The most challenging and slow moving aspect is Pluto in Capricorn square to Uranus and Jupiter. Jupiter changes signs this October, but Uranus is there until May of 2018. We’re coming to the end of major conflicts. However, the truth is, Pluto never needs company to cause problems. Its focus always takes us deeper into an issue, regardless of its environment. It digs and digs then it brings a hidden truth to the surface -- a truth we buried due to fear. Find the courage to examine it; chances are you’ll toss your illusions and misinterpretations out and wonder why you’ve lived with them so long. Uranus is the planet of change. It’s a catalyst and it ignites, inspires and destroys so the new can have room to be born and grow. It’s always prominent with earthquakes or sudden changes. When it moved into the warring sign of Aries in 2010 we had rebellion, which came in the form of the Arab Spring. When Uranus is around, our tolerance for injustice is minimal. What was tolerated yesterday is no longer possible today. So somewhere in your life your tolerance level has diminished and you are seeking change. This is a perfect time to come for a reading and find out just what lies ahead on your path. I’ll be in London on May 9th – 26th   Make an appointment early so you can get a date and time that’s convenient for you. Let me clarify your challenges so you can overcome them, if and when you choose. Twitter: @LindaJoyce123
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