Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, affection and intimacy. However some women may dread the thought of ‘being intimate’ due to concerns or changes with their vaginal anatomy. In this post, we’re delving into the topic of intimate health and the discussing the treatments available at EF MEDISPA that address several concerns.

Intimate health is often seen as a taboo and as a result, many women suffer in silence about incredibly common and easily rectified intimate concerns.

What causes changes in intimate areas?

Physical changes in intimate areas, such as the vagina and labia, can be caused by childbirth, menopause and ageing. The female body goes through several stages so it’s vital that we take the time to address any intimate health concerns when they arise. Don’t put off dealing with problems that are causing you pain, discomfort or embarrassment. Our highly qualified female Gynaecologists and Specialist Nurses are available to discuss your own personal concerns and suggest the best possible treatment plan for you. Our solutions are non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures that are pain free and incredibly effective.

What treatments are available?

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day and take care of any intimate female health concerns. Stop worrying and start taking action. Read on to find out more about the treatments available at EF MEDISPA:

The Intimate Peel

The intimate peel is a quick and effective solution to pigmentation on intimate areas. This treatment brightens and rejuvenates the delicate skin surrounding the genital and anal regions. Carried out with the upmost discretion and professionalism, this treatment can be carried out in 30 minutes and doesn’t require any post-treatment downtime. A course of 4 treatments, spaced 1 – 2 weeks apart, would usually be recommended to achieve optimum results.


FemiLift is a minimally invasive laser vaginal tightening treatment specifically designed to tighten and tone the muscles of the vagina. The health and anatomy of women’s vaginas are often changed following childbirth and during menopause – many of these changes can be improved thanks to FemiLift, without the need for surgery. Improvements to muscle strength and tone can help other concerns such as bladder weakness and vaginal dryness. Treatment takes less than 30 minutes and can restore vaginal walls to their peak condition.

FemiTight & Smooth

Changes to the appearance and texture of the labia majora are incredibly common. FemiTight & Smooth is a revolutionary laser treatment, performed by highly qualified female nurses, to tighten sagging skin and improve the overall texture of the labia. Controlled heat works to enhance microcirculation and trigger the production of new collagen and elastin to smooth out the texture and tighten loose skin in this delicate intimate area. Treatment takes around 30 minutes and doesn’t require any post-treatment downtime. A course of 4 treatments, spaced 1 week apart, would usually be recommended to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why have an Intimate Rejuvenation Treatment at EF MEDISPA?

Intimate Rejuvenation

At EF MEDISPA we specialise in the treatment of feminine health concerns, offering a range intimate rejuvenation and corrective treatments specifically designed to treat the delicate female genital area. Our female Gynecologists and Specialist Nurses treat all our patients with the upmost discretion and care, understanding that discussing intimate health concerns isn’t always an easy conversation to have.

Appointments can be booked discreetly, and our clinics offer a safe and private environment for any treatments to take place. All our staff are highly-trained and their focus remains on the safety and comfort of our patients at all times.

We strive to bring the very latest, safest and effective treatments to our clients and are proud to offer treatments that improve the health and appearance of the intimate feminine area for many women. Click here to book your consultation now.

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