Gynecomastia – or male breast enlargement - is a surprisingly common condition. Often known as ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’, the condition often leaves individuals feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable, which is why a growing number of men are opting to undergo male breast reduction surgery. Today on the EFMEDISPA blog we’re putting Gynecomastia firmly in focus, talking about the causes of the condition, its impact on individuals and the treatment options available. What is Gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is the medical name for male breast enlargement, which is caused by an imbalance in the hormones oestrogen and testosterone.  During puberty male bodies undergo many hormone changes and at this time teenage boys can notice the development of fatty tissue to their chest area. For most, this build up of tissue around the breast will dissipate after a year or so without any need for treatment, while for others it will remain, often causing embarrassment and discomfort. Men can also notice growth of breast tissue as they grow older and their production of testosterone decreases. Whatever your age, Gynecomastia is a condition that can be exacerbated if you are overweight and therefore likely to be carrying more fat on your body. shutterstock_155633243 (Copy) How does Gynecomastia impact the body? Fatty tissue growth can develop differently in sufferers. Some may notice that the areas around their nipples become built up or their wider chest area becomes enlarged and it is possible that breasts may begin to take on a different shape. For an individual, breasts may develop unevenly, with more fatty tissue potentially building around one breast than the other. Those who suffer from Gynecomastia can find their confidence depleted and may feel less comfortable undressing in public, they may also feel that they are restricted in what they can wear because they would prefer to hide the impact the condition has had on their body. How can Gynecomastia be treated? Some sufferers may find that the effects of Gynecomastia resolve themselves over time; for others changes to diet and exercise regimes can help to get rid of the ‘man boobs’ effect. However, for a number of men the symptoms of the condition cannot be reversed through lifestyle changes alone. In these instances Gynecomastia surgery can be an option and here at EFMEDISPA we carry out Vaser Lipo for male chests, removing excess fat in the breast and also gland tissue to prevent the problem from returning. Male breast reduction costs vary on an individual case basis, and we provide support and advice following treatment to those who have excess fat in the chest area to help them adjust their lifestyle for the better. It’s perhaps telling that recent research we carried out for our Aesthetic Trends Infographic shows fat reduction treatments for male abdominal areas now ranking within our top 5 most popular surgical treatments, sitting in fourth place. Want to know more about the Liposuction process? Our Liposuction Guide details the journey from initial consultation to recovery, covering everything you need to know about this innovative procedure. To book your complimentary consultation please contact us here.
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