In recent years, there has been a resurgence of shapewear in popular culture. Often worn by celebrities to streamline their silhouettes on the red carpet, the shape defining tools can also be used to enhance results post-surgery.

Today we're joined by Nadja Collin, the Sales and Marketing Director for macom® to discuss all things shapewear and the importance of the garments if you are considering surgery! So Nadja, macom® are renowned globally as specialists in medical shapewear, what makes macom® unique? What makes macom® different is that we are a British medical brand that produces medical shapewear garments that are handmade and designed by Surgeons and Doctors in our own state of the art factory and laboratory. We are incredibly results driven so we are constantly trialling and testing our products to ensure we offer our clients the very best! How does it differ from the traditional shapewear such as spanx? macom® uses medical grade compression, so think of it as spanx on adrenaline! They are graded compression which means that they have benefits for the wearer unlike high street or general shapewear found online. Graded compression will not only help the wearer look slimmer, but also improve blood microcirculation. Improved blood microcirculation will deliver more nutrients and oxygen to the cells within the body thereby optimising health and wellbeing. What are the benefits of using shapewear after surgery such as Vaser liposuction or breast enhancement? Surgical compression is imperative after any invasive procedure. I like to refer to it as medical wear, in a similar fashion to how we are familiar with the terminology; lounge wear, underwear. After a surgical procedure the compression is essential to reduce risks associated with surgical trauma. The optimal level of compression delivered to the wound site will reduce the risk of any fibrous tissue building up and improve lymphatic drainage. macom® medical has recently introduced its ‘CRYSTALSMOOTH®’ technology. Tell us about how this works and how it was developed? CrystalsmoothCRYSTALSMOOTH® is a range of everyday leggings & loungewear which are scientifically proven to reduce cellulite. Unlike our surgical range these products do not have, or need, compression to work, they are thermoregulating, meaning they are ideal to wear in both summer and winter as they will balance the body temperature. We use an active Bio Crystal inside the material which, when in contact with the skin, will activate skin benefits. The body heat generated will stimulate an active response within the wearer’s skin. Wearers can expect to notice an improvement to their lymphatic drainage too. You will need to visit the loo more frequently but will also notice less puffiness in the legs, particularly if you tend to retain water. Other benefits are improved blood microcirculation, and the unblocking of fat lymph cells – all common causes of cellulite. This is a great add-on following a treatment such as T-shape that tackles cellulite. In recent months, shapewear has become a significant gamechanger in the fashion industry, several celebrities have promoted waist cinchers. What should people consider before purchasing one? We stand firm in saying that our garments aren’t like the waist trainers that the celebrity culture are often seen wearing as they are usually made of latex and the material is often full of chemicals which can lead to skin irritations. All macom garments are free of allergens and chemicals and we hold the prestigious Oeko-tex mark certifying that our garments are safe to humans, animals and the environment. Where do you see shapewear going in the next 10 years? CrystalsmoothWhat we are currently seeing being used as body contouring will only grow further in the next decade. Smart textiles like our CRYSTALSMOOTH® ranges will reach new heights. Gravity won’t stop producing its effects, so with new innovations we can manipulate the process and even delay it. We are already working on innovative new products to add to our ranges. Beauty sleep will have a new meaning in 10 years, and we will refer to beauty products as Beauty wear. You heard it here first! You can shop the macom® collection exclusively from EF MEDISPA clinics.  
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