Welcome to the first part of our new ‘Meet The Managers’ series where we quiz the skincare-obsessed managers of our clinics and get them to share their skincare secrets with us. Up first we have the glamorous Leyla from our St John’s Wood clinic. Efmedispa-Leyla1. Describe your current skin care regime My absolute top skincare tip is a double cleanse, it can make all the difference to your skin. I cleanse twice a day with C-Infusion Cleanser from Dermaquest. This product foams up and makesDermaquest Cleansers at EF MEDISPA my skin feel refreshed.  I’m also a bit naughty and use this product on my legs to shave as I find it really hydrating and soothes any shaving irritations. My fiancé uses this cleanser when he shaves and I have to agree it really does keep his skin hydrated too! My second cleanse is with Daily Essential Cleanser which is great for a mild exfoliation, leaving my skin refreshed and glowing. skinceuticals-retexturizing-activatorNext, I use the Retexturising Activator as it’s a great 2 in 1 product for me to hydrate and also to resurface my skin.  It is a serum that glides so nicely on my skin that it also acts as a smoothing primer before applying my make-up. skinceuticals-ultra-facial-defense-krem-spf50-protect-30ml Lastly I complete my regime with SPF.  I love the coverage and also 12 hour hydration from Skin Ceuticals Ultra Facial Defense 50.  It was also mentioned in the Evening Standard last year and I love recommending to our clients as I always hear great feedback from them once they’ve used it.  2. What treatments have you had, what are your favourites and why? My favourite treatment is the Bespoke Facial.  For me I like to alternate between a light treatment that will give my skin a glow for an important event or night out, and on days I need a deeper treatment and some instant lift or resurfacing I turn to the Dermapen. 3. What’s your top tip for great skin? I always use a Hydrating Serum which contains Hyaluronic Acid.  For me hitting my 30’s was a turning point - I realised my fine lines are more prominent when my skin is dehydrated.  When hydrating my skin, my make up does not sit in the creases and the overall texture looks more plump and smooth. Feeding your skin with hydration is a great way to get the skin to behave as it should and this indicates for me what I need to treat once I know my skin is hydrated.          
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