In the second part of our ‘Meet the Managers’ series, we grill Lucy from our Kensington clinic to divulge all her skincare secrets… IMG_09751. Describe your current skin care regime I am a self-confessed skincare addict, I love trying new products as my skin changes with the season. My current regimen starts with a thorough cleanse using Cosmedix Benefit Clean. This gentle cleanser leaves my sensitive skin soft and hydrated. Dehydration is an issue for me, even though I drink a lot of water. Therefore, I use Dermaquest’s B5 Serum, an intensive hydrating serum that keeps my skin moisturized and plumped.s I always use an antioxidant to protect my skin. My favourite is Skinsceuticals’ CE Ferulic, a long lasting antioxidant providing environmental protection against free radicals whilst firming my skin. What I love about this product is that it’s so light. It sinks into my skin almost instantly, leaving no sticky residue. s7I use a mask once or twice a week to give my skin some extra nourishment, Biologique Recherche’s Masque Biosensible, soothes my skin and replenishes the epidermis whilst protecting the skin from external aggressors. 2. What treatments have you had, what are your favourites and why? Where should I start? I’ve had them all! One of my favourites is the Pomegranate Peel as it gives me a thorough exfoliation and a luminous glow – perfect for a night out. I have also recently completed a course of Laser Hair Removal, leaving me hair-free and smooth in time for summer!  Finally, in my quest for body-beautiful, I’ve been having regular Radiofrequency and High Frequency Mesotherapy treatments to tighten my skin and reduce cellulite. 3. What’s your top tip for great skin? Make sure that your skincare is completely tailored to your needs. I’ve seen too many people having serious skin issues purely because they’ve been using products completely wrong for their skin. Just because a product is a must-have doesn’t mean it’s right for you!  If you’re in any doubt, about your skin care regimen, come and see us for a complimentary consultation. Our team of skin experts love helping people get fabulous skin.