Lucy, ManagerIn part 4 of our meet the manager’s series, we’d like to introduce you to Lucy, our manager at EF MEDISPA Kensington. Lucy reveals her skincare secrets and favourite treatments!  Describe your current skin care regime In the morning I start with DermaQuest C-Infusion cleanser to give my face a deep clean. I then apply Skinceuiticals CE Ferulic which is an antioxidant serum, Dermaquest Hydrating B5 serum to hydrate and finish off with SkinCeuiticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 moisturiser. In the evening I cleanse again with Dermaquest C-Infusion cleanser, I then apply my Hydrating B5 followed by Triple Lipid. I replace hydrating B5 with SkinCeuiticals Retinol 0.3 twice a week which is great for helping the skin turn over and boosting collagen.  What treatments have you had, what are your favourites and why? I have tried a few of our treatments now but my favourites are both 3D SkinLift by Ultraformer and Cellufix by T-shape. I am in my early 30’s but whilst I have taken care of my face my neck has been left slightly neglected, so the lines on my neck really bother me. I have had two sessions of the 3D SkinLift by Ultraformer after which I can now notice that the lines are not as prominent and the skin is so much firmer already – I literally cannot wait for my third treatment! Another area of concern is cellulite around the top of my thighs which I have only recently started to notice. I exercise roughly 3/4 times a week and have a good diet but have still started to notice slight dimpling which bothers me when I am in a bikini. I have had two sessions of CelluFix by T-shape and can already see a reduction in the orange peel effect. What’s your top tip for great skin?SkinCeuiticals Clarifying Clay Masque I sometimes struggle with my skin being sensitive which can lead to breakouts. I like to do a home treatment once a week with the SkinCeuiticals Clarifying Clay Masque. I cleanse my skin and apply my DermaQuest Hydrating B5 serum followed by a thin layer of the clay mask on my face and neck which I leave for 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water. My skin feels so soft and clean after! To find out more about the treatments and products mentioned, please call us today on 020 3811 2727, or book a complimentary consultation here.