Welcome to our new 'Meet the Team' series! Today we are joined by Charlotte Johnson, the Treatment Coordinator at EF MEDISPA St John's Wood. With over 13 years experience within the industry, she will be sharing the must-have treatments and holy-grail products that help to rejuvenate and restore the skin. Meet the EF Medispa Team: Charlotte JohnsonTell us about yourself... My name is Charlotte Johnson, I have been working at EF MEDISPA for 13 years. I joined the company at 19 years old and worked as a receptionist/therapist. I was promoted to the Head Therapist at the St John’s wood branch when it first opened its doors in 2011 and I am now the Treatment Coordinator. What treatments have you tried and tested? I have tried every treatment at least once! I do this to ensure I know how to explain the sensations and treatment benefits to my clients. What are your personal favourite treatments? My favourite skin treatment is a combination of IPL, Microfirm and peels. My favourite body treatment is a combination of T-shape and AWT. Do you have a holy grail beauty product? Yes, I have three! [caption id="attachment_32282" align="alignright" width="170"]Phytic Serum from Alphascience Phytic Serum from Alphascience[/caption] Phytic from Alphascience. I have been using it for 2 Months now and my skin is glowing! My redness has reduced, I have had so many compliments since using it. I am also obsessed with Pure enzymes from cosmedix, it is a gentle exfoliating mask. And of course, Advanced B5 hydrating serum from Dermaquest to keep my skin hydrated and youthful. A lot of our clients are returning from their summer holidays, what’s a great treatment they can have before getting back into a busy routine? The Sweet collection resurfacing facial is a fantastic treatment to have once returning from a holiday. We apply a 30% glycolic treatment that deeply exfoliates the skins to help retexturise the skins surface. The facial increases collagen and elastin production reducing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and it helps to release comedones. There is no downtime or prepping required for the treatment and perfect for all skin types. You can start with a short course to kick start skin rejuvenation; we typically book the facials once every two weeks for 4 sessions. Following this course of treatment, I would then devise a plan to tackle specific skin concerns. What would you advise clients who have overexposed their skin this summer? When overexposing your skin in the summer months, your skin can be left sun damaged and dehydrated, you may notice fine lines and wrinkles appearing and in some cases inflammation on the skins surface. To tackle the damage, I recommend a combination of treatments that will vary from person to person depending on their skin type. I recommend good home care products and in clinic treatments that hydrate, nourish and exfoliate the skin whilst stimulating collagen and elastin production. I would advise to have a consultation with myself to outline what concerns you have and how we can improve the skins health. I am available Tuesdays to Saturday in the St john’s Wood clinic. EF MedispaTo book your complimentary consultation with Charlotte click here or please call 0203 944 3329.
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