We recently opened our brand-new clinic in Richmond. With a new team of experts, we thought it was only right to introduce you. First up is our Treatment Coordinator, Eka. We took some time out with Eka to find out all about her role at EF MEDISPA, what her skincare regime consists of, and what treatments are her favourites!   Meet The EF Medispa Team: EkaWhat treatments have you tried and tested and what are your favourites? I’ve tried many of our body treatments and my favourites are definitely the cellulite and fat busting treatments Radio Frequency and AWT. When combined, they do a fantastic job of breaking down the fat, draining the lymphatic system, firming and toning the skin and greatly improving the appearance of cellulite. Courses are required to see optimum results but I noticed an improvement immediately following my first treatment. Do you have a beauty tip to share? I always remove my make up before I go to sleep and if I’m flying, especially long haul, I always make sure my skin is hydrated and moisturised with A/Q Active Serum which contains growth factors that keep fine lines at bay. What does your skincare regime consist of? My beauty regime consists of a thorough cleansing to remove makeup and the general pollutants that come with living in London, as well as an effective moisturiser with added growth factors. My favourites are from the Biologique Recherche range. We know there’s plenty to choose from, but what is your favourite product ingredient at the moment? It has to be growth factors and peptides because they are proven to restore our skin to a more youthful state. Does your skincare routine change with the seasons, if so how? As the weather gets colder my skin is prone to dehydration, so it’s imperative that I increase my moisture levels and I do this by incorporating Mesotherapy to my routine. Can you tell us what your favourite product is? My favourite product would have to be the AQ eye serum with growth factors. My dark circles were banished! What will be your key role at EF MEDISPA Richmond? My key role will be to work with our clients and create bespoke treatment plans for them and help them achieve great results. What attracted you to EF MEDISPA? I have always wanted to work for EF MEDISPA and love the fact that it’s a family run business. EF MEDISPA is also at the forefront when it comes to breakthrough technologies and trends within the industry and that’s down to Esther’s passion for aesthetics. Our brand new clinic in Richmond is open! Click here to book a complimentary consultation.
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