Zoe Budd - Treatment Coordinators at EF Medispa, ChelseaIn today's blog we are joined by Zoe Budd, the Treatment Coordinator at EF MEDISPA Chelsea. We're discussing everything from the best treatments to target wrinkles and the beauty buys you have to try! Tell us about yourself... Hello! My name is Zoe Budd, I am one of the Treatment Coordinators at EF MEDISPA Chelsea. I have been with EF for 10 years! What treatments have you tried and tested? Over the years, I have tried almost all of our treatments. A few of my personal favourites are Radiofrequency and Dermapen. I love Radiofrequency on my face and neck, it plumps the skin by stimulating collagen and helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles. It's great for tightening the jawline area! One of the benefits of this treatment is it has zero downtime. Dermapen is an essential - I tend to get quite congested skin and I find that Dermapen works on closing up open pores and clearing up blackheads. The treatment also helps to get rid of dead skin cells leaving my skin smooth and glowing. I always like to book a Dermapen treatment at the end of summer to address post-summer skin damage. Depending on how my skin feels I then top this up two weeks later with Mesotherapy. This gives my skin a boost of vitamins and levels of hyaluronic acid. What products would you recommend to clients to help hydrate the skin during winter? I always recommend the B5 Hydrating Serum by Dermaquest. It is absolutely essential that this is used especially during the winter months. Drinking enough water everyday is the best advise I can give! What treatments are essential ahead of party season? Most of my patients who want to prep for party season often desire tight, contoured skin. In such cases, I always recommend Ultraformer 3! This works to tone and sculpt sagging skin around the face, neck and body using high focused ultrasound energy. The lifting results are amazing! This is my number one treatment.LED Light Therapy If clients are looking to achieve radiant skin, then a exfoliating peel and LED Light Therapy would be ideal! There are so many options and I love to mix and match different treatments. If you would like to discuss the treatments mentioned in further detail with Zoe, click here or call us on 020 7368 7676.
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