In today's blog we are joined by Zoe Sheard, the Treatment Coordinator at EF MEDISPA Kensington. We're discussing everything from the best treatments to target wrinkles to the must-have beauty buys. Tell us about yourself... Hi, my name is Zoe. I am the Treatment Coordinator at EF MEDISPA Kensington and have been working at EF MEDISPA for 6 years. Zoe Sheard, the Treatment Coordinator at EF MEDISPA Kensington What treatments have you tried and tested? I have tried and tested all of our treatments as it is important for me to really understand how each treatment works, the downtime (if any) involved and the results.  This way I am in a strong position to advise my clients accordingly and put together bespoke packages to meet their beauty goals! What are your personal favourite treatments? I love the Dermapen treatment, it suits everybody with little downtime involved.  I also love the AQ solutions growth factor treatments to stimulate hair growth and to rejuvenate the skin.  I believe that using human growth factors during treatments is the way forward to maintain youth. Also skin Peels and IPL to ensure the skin looks clarified, fresh and even toned.  These treatments have been around years however, they always deliver, and we have a skin peel to suit even the most sensitive skins at EF MEDISPA. Great skincare is also a must to ensure that the great work the therapists have achieved is continued at home. For body, where do I start? Banishing cellulite and tightening the skin is not a problem for us, with a choice of 6 technologies to choose from we can deal with this issue for all the ladies out there. So tell us, what is your holy grail beauty product? Well, I have a few...
  • A quality cleanser: I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to clean the skin morning and evening with a great quality cleanser, without this important first step in place, the other products that you use won’t be able to do their job efficiently. Super important!
  • Antioxidants: Hugely important to fight those ageing free radicals!
  • Hyaluronic acid serum: to hydrate the skin
  • Sunscreen: Important for all year-round protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays - I love the OMNI spf, it always gives me that extra glow!
  • Eye Doctor is a must! By far the best eye cream on the market
  • Effusion kit: caffeine infused body product to target cellulite
What would you advise clients who have started to notice wrinkles and sagging skin on their face and décolletage? Firstly, I would advise that they protect their skin in the sun to prevent further damage, visit the clinic to discuss the treatments that we provide to stimulate collagen production, such as Dermapen, Microfirm, and Radiofrequency.  I would recommend meeting one of our highly experienced Doctors or Nurses to discuss injectable treatments such as Profhilo and anti-wrinkle injectables.  For all the clients out there, that do not want injectables, this is not a problem for us, we have technologies to deliver in a non-invasive way too. I will also take the time to chat to my clients about their skin care routine, it is very much a team effort between myself, the Therapists and my clients to ensure they look and feel there best all year round and at any stage in their lives. What treatment would you recommend to tackle loss of volume in the face? For loss of volume, I would highly recommend a combination of Dermapen or Microfirm with AQ growth factors.  As well as injectables such as dermal fillers and Profhilo to plump and hydrate the skin. EF MEDISPA KensingtonTo book your complimentary consultation with Zoe click here or please call  020 3393 6302.  
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