Finding one treatment that can positively improve various aspects of your face and body can be few and far between. With Mesotherapy at EF MEDISPA, you can get close to achieving this due to its versatility, but how and why is it a treatment worth considering?

Cutting-Edge Micro-Needling & Vitamins

Cutting-Edge Micro-Needling & VitaminsMesotherapy is designed to trigger the production of collagen, with these new skin cells replacing the older damaged ones to provide anyone undertaking the treatment with visible results. How? By using a combination of cutting-edge micro-needling and a vitamin infusion. This powerful combination can provide fantastic anti-ageing results by smoothing and firming the skin wherever you choose the treatment to target. This means you can undergo Mesotherapy on your face, neck, décolletage and other areas of the body to tighten and firm the skin and target cellulite and stubborn localised fat around the thighs, abdomen and arms. It really can target various aspects of your face and body to achieve various results that can visibly improve your overall appearance.

What are the Different Ways Mesotherapy can Help Me Achieve Results?

Using a combination of powerful vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid that is injected into the lower layers of the skin using a very small needle, Mesotherapy will trigger the production of new collagen skin cells from this micro-trauma of the problem areas. Some of the various skin and body concerns it can target include: Wrinkles & Fine LinesLift, plump and hydrate for a smooth, youthful appearance to soften wrinkles and fine lines. Dehydrated Skin – Target flaky, wrinkled, dull and unhealthy-looking skin to provide revitalisation. Sagging SkinReduce sagging skin on the face and body to tighten and rejuvenate troublesome areas. Cellulite ReductionTackle ‘orange peel’ skin with a cellulite busting blend of nutrients to hydrate and smooth. Fat ReductionTarget stubborn localised fat without surgery to achieve a more toned, contoured silhouette. StretchmarksEncourage the production of collagen to effectively tackle any stretch marks on your body. Hair LossTreatment on specific areas of your scalp can help to restore hair growth on existing hair follicles resulting in thicker, fuller-looking hair.

Mesotherapy for Effective Results

Mesotherapy for Effective ResultsMesotherapy, as we have already detailed, can target various areas of the face and body meaning it is one of our most versatile treatments available at EF MEDISPA. The results are immediate in most cases but will also develop and improve as your body continues to produce more collagen. The number of treatments needed to achieve the optimum results varies with the individual, something that will be discussed during an initial consultation with one of our Treatment Co-ordinators. As far as any side-effects are concerned, Mesotherapy may cause some slight bruising and swelling around the treated areas, however, this usually subsides after a few hours. Also, during the treatment, any discomfort experienced from the micro-needling is at a minimum, such as the nature of this non-surgical procedure. Overall, the successes of Mesotherapy speak for itself, providing an effective and minimally invasive option for many skin and body conditions. At EF MEDISPA, our team of experts will ensure any surgical or non-surgical treatments performed are to the highest standards. If Mesotherapy sounds like it can address any individual concerns you may have, then contact us directly and will be happy to book you in for a no-obligation consultation.