Over the years, your skin can develop a variety of issues such as scars, acne, wrinkles, or discolouration. Finding a skin care routine that meets your particular needs can take a lot of trial and error. However, one of the most effective advancements in skin care is the introduction of mesotherapy and microneedling. Both of these treatments are effective for scarring, stretch marks, and many other common skin blemishes or signs of ageing. Although they are very similar, they do vary in a few important ways. In this blog we are going to take you through the differences between mesotherapy and microneedling to ensure you choose the right treatment for your needs.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment that involves the using a needle to penetrate the dermis. This needle is superfine, and designed to pass below the dermis, straight into the subcutaneous tissue below to inject a cocktail of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and growth factors into the skin. These vitamins are aimed at hydrating the skin and increasing cell regeneration. With Mesotherapy treatments practitioners can be specific in what products they want to inject depending on the skin concern they are targeting.

What is microneedling?

Similar to mesotherapy, microneedling is non-surgical treatment that uses needles to penetrate the dermis. However, there are a few key differences: Microneedling uses a skin needling pen which penetrates the dermis with multiple ultrafine needles rather than one at a time to create a wound in the skin. This process stimulates a healing response in the skin, producing new collagen and elastin. When topical products are applied to the skin prior to treatment the act of creating these micro-holes in the dermis allows better absorption of the product within the skin cells to maximise treatment results.  

Microneedling or mesotherapy, which is best for me?

When making the decisions between microneedling and mesotherapy, it really comes down to the results you’re looking to achieve.

  • For tackling signs of ageing

Fine lines and wrinkles are the first obvious signs of ageing skin. While mesotherapy is beneficial for fine superficial wrinkles, microneedling is more effective for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles overall. This is because microneedling stimulates a healing response in the skin which produces collagen and elastin – essential in keeping skin looking smooth and plump.

  • For tackling skin pigmentation issues

Skin pigmentation issues such as dark under eyes, or discolouration, is best treated with mesotherapy. This is because the cocktail injections contain all the key ingredients for long term healthy skin and help remove toxins from the skin cells to tackle pigmentation.

  • For tackling skin texture issues

For scarring or rough, bumpy skin both mesotherapy AND microneedling are effective. Microneedling promotes cell regeneration and exfoliation on a deeper level. Whereas mesotherapy nourishes and hydrates the skin to keep it healthy and clear. These two treatments can be used in conjunction for the best results here.

Get your mesotherapy or microneedling treatment at EF MEDISPA

At EF MEDISPA, offer mesotherapy and microneedling treatments to address a range of face and body skin concerns. Book a consultation with us now.

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