About Monika Heiligmann

Founded in 2023, Monika Heiligmann is a Monaco-based lip care brand that uses scientifically-proven formulas and cutting-edge technology for transformative results. After several years of testing with leading cosmetologists and aesthetic doctors, the brand established itself by developing avant-garde formulas supercharged by biotechnology, combined with Parisian sophistication for a luxurious feel. 

With the desire to redefine beauty standards in professional lip care, Monika introduced her collection of products which combine advanced science with premium natural ingredients for naturally beautiful lips. Clinically proven to aid post-lip filler recovery and enhance results, the products allow individuals to improve the appearance of their lips from the comfort of their own home. They collectively work to intensely hydrate, stimulate microcirculation, and boost collagen synthesis for greater lip volume and elasticity, whilst supporting the skin barrier and increasing skin regeneration. 

Lip Perfecting Overnight Mask

Infused with stem cell technology, this lip mask delivers hydration and plumpness to the lips as you sleep. It boosts the skin’s regenerative process for reduced fine lines and wrinkles within the mouth area and enhances skin volumization for rejuvenated, smooth lips as you awaken.

Clinical results: 

  • 100% reported a healthier and youthful appearance within the lips & surrounding area
  • 100% reported a decrease in wrinkles around the lips after 2 weeks & instant improvement in lip hydration & lip texture 
  • 100% agree that it regenerates the lip epithelium 
  • 100% agree that it shields the lips and surrounding skin from dryness

  *Dermatologist-reported results in a 30-day clinical test with 20 subjects. 

Deep Regenerating Lip Balm

Rich in advanced active ingredients, the Deep Regenerating Balm uses an innovative formula to renew, repair and rehydrate the lips. Clinically tested as a 7-day post-lip filler solution, it alleviates tension and tightness that is commonly experienced post treatment for reduced dryness and irritation. As the skin is fragile and sensitive during this time, the balm soothes the lip epithelium and softens the skin after just one application, whilst providing essential protection against environmental damage and preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). 

Lip Volumizing Serum 

Pairing makeup and skincare together, the Lip Volumizing Serum hydrates the epithelium and plumps the lips whilst providing a subtle tint for a revitalized appearance. Infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural active ingredients, these work synergistically to visibly firm and volumize the lips after one application, with long-term results after 4 weeks. It is available in multiple shades to best suit your complexion. 

  • 95% reported visibly smoother & moisturised lips 
  • 85% acknowledge that the product improves appearance of the lips after 4 weeks 
  • 100% agree that the lips shine & glow after use 

*Dermatologist-reported results in a 30-day clinical test with 20 subjects.

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