Brazilian butt liftI would be willing to bet that there’s not a woman alive who hasn’t read about, talked about or considered plastic surgery. It’s part of our modern day lingo – and part of our everyday practice at EF MEDISPA. Which is why I was particularly sad to hear of the death of Ivo Pitanguy in August. Whilst many of you may not have heard of him, let me tell you a little bit about my hero. I first came across him donkey’s years ago and to me, he will always be the father of modern day plastic surgery.  Based in Rio, he was famed for his innovative techniques, cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation. He was one of the first Surgeons to put women in a chair that tilted and swivelled, so he could change their position and see how the new breast dropped whilst surgery was under way. A small but revolutionary detail that made for the best possible result. Of course, living in Brazil he was also noted for his natural-looking facelifts and beautiful Brazilian butt lifts! Not for nothing did bottoms like Kim Kardashian’s, Jennifer Lopez’s and Beyonce’s become desired by women around the world. When I attended one of his lectures in Monaco, it struck me what made him truly special. Not only was he passionate about his subject, but he also truly loved women. Like an artist, he was fascinated by proportion and balance – and genuinely interested in women of all shapes, sizes and ages. A rare beast in this frequently judgmental and misogynist world! He even gave a lot back to people who suffered from deformities, performing surgery for free if they couldn’t afford it. His lifetime’s goal was simply to make people feel the very best they could. For that, he should be remembered as a pioneer, a creative – and someone who really cared. For more information about our fat transfer to buttocks, call us on 0203 135 0246 or book a complimentary consultation here.
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