The Bespoke Facial

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and although we don’t need a day in a year to express our love, it’s often a nice reminder of how much our lovely ladies deserve to be treated! If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present, we offer a range of treatments at EF MEDISPA, many of which are perfect for mum! Here’s some of our favourites…

The Bespoke Facial

Who doesn’t love a facial? At EF MEDISPA our approach is bespoke to each client and we offer personalised facial treatments, tailored to your skins needs. Has your mum been complaining about dull, dehydrated skin? Or maybe she suffers from congestion or rosacea. Whatever her concern is a Bespoke Facial could be just what she needs to address it. This treatment is incredibly relaxing and will allow her to unwind, helping her to achieve a healthier, radiant and revitalised skin complexion.

Drip & Chill

Replenish and re-energise! Drip & Chill at EF MEDISPA gives you a bespoke blend of IV Vitamin Infusions tailored to your individual needs. This treatment can help to improve energy levels, nourish hair, skin and nails, strengthen your immune system and enhance your overall well-being. So if your mums needs a little boost, this could be an ideal treatment, availiable in either London or Birmingham.


Radiofrequency at EF MEDISPA is our non-invasive skin tightening treatment. Ideal for both face and body the treatment uses radiofrequency energy with ultrasound technology to stimulate the production of collagen, a substance produced naturally in our body to help to lift, tighten and smooth areas with loose, ageing skin. Feeling like a warm massage, the pain-free treatment works to contour the area of concern while breaking down fat cells and stimulating lymphatic drainage. At EF MEDISPA, Radiofrequency can be used to address concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagging jowls and cellulite.

Top gifts this Mother’s Day

If you’re not sure about treatment options, why not gift her with some luxury skincare products? We offer a range of skincare products from brands including Biologique Recherche, By Esther, Dermaquest and Cosmedix. Here’s our top three picks for Mother’s Day.

Top gifts this Mother’s Day

Masque Visolastine + from Biologique Rechereche
This masque containing hyaluronic acid works to boost hydration in the upper layers of the epidermis, strengthening the skins barrier to protect it from becoming dry and dull. Hydration is key and she will thank you for this one, trust us.

Omni by Esther Introductory Set
Omni by Esther Introductory Set

Omni Introductory Kit by Esther
This starter kit is the perfect Mother's Day gift! Featuring four essential products: AM Serum, PM Cream, Sunshine Block (which is available in 3 tones) and the Sunshine Vitamin D Spray. This core collection addresses all skincare needs! For a limited time only, we are offering free mini facials with every OMNI Introductory Set!   


Pigment Control Kit from DermaQuest
Even skin tone and brighten the complexion with a collection of products from DermaQuest. This four-step kit includes the SkinBrite Facial Cleanser to help address pigmentation and uneven skin tone, The Essential B5 Hydrating Serum to help restore moisture, SkinBrite Cream to suppress melanin for an even, radiant skin tone and Youth Protection SPF 30 to protect your skin from UV rays.


Purity Clean from CosMedix
One thing ladies love is a good exfoliator. Purity Clean by CosMedix helps to unclog congested pores while cleansing away impurities and removing excel oil. Everything you need after a long day out in the open!

Still not sure what’s right for her? Treat her with a EF MEDISPA gift card and let her choose! If you would like to find out more about any of the treatments we offer or a product, talk to us today on 02038112727

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